Venezuelan President Maduro Denied Travel through US Airspace

In another blatant disregard to international law, other nations' sovereignty, world leaders and anyone with diplomatic privileges, US denied President Nicolas Maduro's aircraft, which was en route to China for bilateral talks, to travel over Puerto Rico’s airspace, a US territory, and was forced to find an alternate path.

Context: Lebanese Resistance defends Levant against Bandar’s thugs serving Israel

The Israeli aggression against Lebanon has taken another form, with the emergence of Bandar gangs. Saudi Arabia behaves today as a regional branch of the US-Israeli- takfirist alliance and Prince Bandar is the leader of this axis in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. The Wahhabi kingdom has bought the European decision to place Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations, actively participating in the financing of political and media campaign against the resistance and feeding projects discord in Lebanon and the colonialist aggression against Syria. Bandar gangs play an essential role in the killings and extermination practiced in order of to break the resistance of Syria and its leader Bashar al-Assad.

Chaos: HSBC closes Embassies, Consulates and the Vatican bank accounts

Diplomats in London have been given shock and awe, the financial kind: HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), Europe’s biggest bank, has told more than 40 different embassies, consulates, High Commissions and the Vatican that it will close their bank accounts and gave them 60 days to move their business somewhere else. Diplomats are thrown into chaos: They scramble to find a new place to put their money, but it gets worse. Other banks have been refusing to take them as customers.

Foreign Ministry: US role in inflaming crisis in Syria is clearly exposed

The reality about the U.S. intentions has been exposed to everybody as they aim for violence and terrorism to continue in Syria to disrupt security and stability in the region in service of Israel's aggressive goals, according to Syria's Foreign Ministry.

Libya: UAE embassy attacked with rocket-propelled grenade (RPG)

Unidentified assailants have attacked against the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

Proudly representing Israel, unable to make ends meet: The Deteriorating Isolated Warmonger

Israel is struggling to function from within and without. Its foreign ministry has deteriorated to critical levels. Diplomat salaries (an Israeli diplomat’s monthly salary during his first five years is roughly NIS 6,000 ($1,680) — among the lowest in Israel’s public sector — compounded with the fact that diplomats’ spouses are not compensated for giving up their careers and pensions when traveling overseas for a number of years, have not been updated in 10 years. Diplomats are now refusing posts. Within a few years, there will be no one left to go abroad.

Saudi-linked Syria opposition chief to meet French president

The foreign-backed Syria opposition president and Saudi-linked Ahmad Assi Jarba set to meet French President Francois Hollande next week as he embarks on a tour of Western capitals,

US Corruption: Diplomats for sale, where Donors pay to become Ambassadors

Mr. Obama has named 19 of his major campaign helpers to diplomatic posts, including a college classmate of his wife, Michelle. It is a long-held American tradition and culture of corruption that has evolved even more under the current US president.

Mercosur: S. American states to recall ambassadors from Europe over Snowden-Bolivian plane incident

South American countries belonging to the Mercosur trade bloc have decided to withdraw their ambassadors for consultations from European countries involved in the grounding of the Bolivian president’s plane.

Israeli MP says Netanyahu regime sends foreign diplomats to strip clubs

A Zionist lawmaker has disclosed that the Netanyahu regime’s Foreign Ministry sends visiting diplomats to local strip clubs during official visits to Israel.

ICJ The Hague: Barrier to Peace is Israel, Annexation Wall, Settlements Despite Int’l Opposition

Marking 9 Years of the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion "On the Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory by Israel", PLO's Negotiations Affairs Department issued a new fact sheet entitled "The Barrier to Peace: Israeli Annexation Wall and Settlements Despite International Opposition." The International Court of Justice (ICJ) Opinion on the Wall and its unimplemented recommendations for the International Community are a reminder of the Culture of Impunity that has allowed Israel to be treated as a State above the Law.

Lavrov reaffirms Russia’s plans to strengthen ties with Egypt

Lavrov held telephone talks on July 5 with Egypt's Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amre on the Egyptian side's initiative.