January 21, 2014 (TSR-Prensa Latina) – The Cuban-Venezuelan oil refining firm Cuvenpetrol S.A., which has been operating in this south-central Cuban city since 2007, will begin production Tuesday, local media reported.

The plant is prepared to begin producing slightly more than 18 million barrels by December after completing last week, what experts called a 50 day opportunistic stop, and the planned refining of 19.7 million barrels of oil for 2013.


Executives for the bi-national company said that this year’s objectives include decreasing the maximum loss levels at the factory, getting better performance from the so-called clear products, as well as reducing consumption of electricity, water, chemical reagents, oils, and lubricants.

The assembly of a lightning protection system for crude oil tanks will also be undertaken, along with the capital repair of a tank with capacity for 20,000 cubic metres of gasoline, and the establishment of flow metres in railroad transported products received after the oil is refined.

Since its opening on Dec. 21, 2007, as a culmination of the 4th PetroCaribe Summit, the plant, modernised from its Soviet technology dating from 1990, has produced more than 121.3 million tonnes during the last six-year period.


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