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September 3, 2013 (TSR) – The Egyptian Armed Forces issued a statement and gave their full support to Syria’s people and government in facing the U.S. threats of launching an aggression on it, SANA reported.

At a press conference, the National Alliance of the Egyptian Armed Forces said that Syria is a part of the Arab and Egyptian national security and thereby called on the Arab nations to realize the plots hatched by the US, France and Britain to fragment the region.


The Egyptian Army also strongly condemned the Arab League’s stance regarding Syria and reject to repeat another Western manipulation by handing another Arab country to the NATO as the League did with Libya.

“As a response to the U.S. current threats on Syria, we clearly announce our full support to Syria’s people and government in facing the conspiracy and aggression which threaten the national security of Egypt,” Tahani al-Jabali, who recited the forces’ statement affirming that the national security of Egypt is based on that of Syria.

“We clearly announce our adherence to the Arab destiny and our rejection of the aggression on Syria and the terrorism which is fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood who are supported by Turkey and its NATO partners,” she added.

The statement demanded the interim government of Egypt to support Syria against the U.S. potential aggression, calling for restoring the Egyptian-Syrian relations on the highest levels.

The statement pointed out that the role played by Turkey stems from its membership in the NATO and its strategic relations with Israel which were revived by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The statement said, ” We hope that Erdogan remembers that he is not Sultan Abdul-Hamid and Egypt is not a state subordinate to his country either,” adding, ” Egypt is greater than being undermined by such a despicable person.”

The statement has been signed by the Movement of Defending the Republic, the Egyptian National Alliance, the National Initiative of the Positive Interaction and a number of popular figures.


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