US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. (

August 25, 2013 (TSR) – The US Department of Defense has resorted to the recent allegation over the use of chemical weapons in Syria to justify possible military attack against the Arab nation.

Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel says the United States was positioning naval forces and assets in case President Barack Obama decides to order a military strike against Syria.

“The Defense Department has responsibility to provide the president with options for all contingencies,” Hagel told reporters aboard his plane en route to Malaysia on Friday.

“And that requires positioning our forces, positioning our assets, to be able to carry out different options – whatever options the president might choose,” he added.

His remarks come after some American defense officials said earlier on Friday that Washington was considering military options against Syria over the allegations of the chemical weapons use by the Syrian government.

An unnamed defense official said the USS Mahan is set to stay in the region after it had finished its deployment and was due to head back to its home base in Norfolk, Virginia.

When asked if it was fair to report that the US had moved assets, Hagel said, “I don’t think I said that. I said that we’re always having to prepare – as we give the president options – prepare our assets and where they are and the capability of those assets to carry out the contingencies we give the president.”

On Wednesday, Syria’s US-backed opposition claimed that around 1,300 people were killed in a government chemical attack on militant strongholds but some others said 100 people were killed in the pre-dawn strike. The Syrian government, however, denied the allegations.

A team sent by the United Nations is set to investigate the latest claim of chemical weapons use outside Damascus.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday asked Syria to allow UN inspectors to investigate “without delay” the alleged chemical attack.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama said the United States cannot attack Syria without a UN mandate for the allegations.

“If the US goes in and attacks another country without a UN mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented, then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it. Do we have the coalition to make it work? And, you know, those are considerations that we have to take into account,” he said in an interview with CNN on Friday.

The war in Syria started in March 2011, when pro-reform protests turned into a massive insurgency following the intervention of Western and regional states.

More than 100,000 people have died in the foreign-hatched insurgency and millions have been displaced.


NOTE from the Chief Visionary Founder & Owner: America and their media lackeys have been doing a lot of media lies and propaganda deja vu. It is predictably another psywarfare and fabricated mainstream media story. John Steinbeck wrote in Once There Was a War, “All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal” while K.J. Parker in Folding Knife wrote “War is an admission of failure”. USA is not an advanced superpower. It is very primitive. Only barbarians with no real brains use nonstop military interventions and using lies to get what they want. Aeschylus declared “In war, truth is the first casualty”. Sounds familiar with all the lies and propaganda we are experiencing since after World War 2 from USA? Sun Tzu’s Art of War says, “Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots”. Know the real terrorists of our Age behind the headlines.

Please note that they are all part of this complicity with US-Israel-NATO. We do not feel the need to chase every lie and propaganda as we have slammed this already. The popular government of Bashar al-Assad has won on the ground. This propaganda now is a mark of desperate losers, i.e. Israel. We strongly and highly recommend that our readers put every puzzle we give you and share them to all your friends and families before they get brainwashed and mandate another war and invasion. It is very easy to spot US-Israel-NATO lies and propaganda by now since 2011. Do not mandate another murder of the innocent so people in Wall Street, Corporatists and the corrupted American politicians get fatter wallets. Our civilization must grow up, stand together and unite against all warmongering by these savages and their Luciferian masters. We MUST give world peace a chance. Enough barbarism and savagery. Humanity is not gaining from any of this warmongering, but greedy American corporations, the military industrial complex and paid corrupted powerlust US politicians. – Lady MJ Santos

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