Jul. 25, 2013 (TSR) – The Syrian government has criticized the US for applying double standards with its calls for a political solution to the country’s conflict at the same time as talk of arming the foreign-backed militants.

What media outlets have circulated of statements made by U.S. officials regarding Washington’s decision to arm the armed terrorist groups in Syria stress the U.S. role in inflaming the crisis in it, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Thursday.

“Washington’s decision to arm the terrorist groups in Syria prove that the United States (wants to) exacerbate the crisis in Syria, and shows up its dishonesty in the search for a political solution at a (proposed peace) conference in Geneva,” an official source was quoted by Syrian state news agency, SANA.

“The reality about the U.S. intentions has been exposed to everybody as they aim for violence and terrorism to continue in Syria to disrupt security and stability in the region in service of Israel‘s aggressive goals,” the source said.

He pointed out that since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, the US has not stopped arming the terrorists and supplying them with all forms of support to carry out their criminal acts that target the Syrian people and the infrastructure.

“However, our people’s steadfastness and the prowess of our armed forces can guarantee foiling the U.S.-Israeli plots and eliminating their criminal tools in Syria,” the source added.

Damascus has accused Washington of arming militants fighting the Syrian government ever since the foreign-backed unrest broke out in March 2011.

The United States is said to provide  humanitarian and non-lethal military aid to militant groups but has said it will significantly expand the “scope and scale” of its military assistance.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is to meet with the new leader of the Syrian opposition at the United Nations this week.

According to the foreign ministry statement, Washington “has not stopped arming the terrorists and giving them various forms of support for their criminal acts against (Syria’s) infrastructure.”

Washington plans to supply $130 million military aid to the foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States of stalling chances for peace in Syria by pressing ahead with plans to arm foreign-backed militants.

Lavrov told a press conference that Washington’s plans would undermine joint efforts to organize an international peace conference on Syria that he agreed to with his US counterpart in May.

Syrian Network for monitoring Human Rights: U.S. Decision to support terrorist groups violation of UN resolutions

The Syrian Network for monitoring Human Rights considered the U.S. decision to support the terrorist groups in Syria as a violation of the UN Security Council resolution No. 1373 and UN resolutions related to combating terrorism and Geneva agreement of 1949 on protecting civilians.

In a statement, the Network said that supporting the armed opposition makes the supporting sides partners in all terrorist attacks in Syria and fully responsible for each drop of blood spilled on the Syrian soil since the beginning of the crisis.



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