July 23, 2013 (TSR-SANA) – Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, stressed the need to work on the course of finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

“We are deeply concerned over the situation in Syria, and we are convinced that there can’t be a military solution in it and we want this idea to reach everybody without exception,” Lavrov said during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Qadri Jamil, in Moscow.

He added that Russia is continuing communication with representatives of the Syrian government and all groups of the opposition to convince everybody to quickly accept the Russian-U.S. initiative to hold an international conference on Syria without conditions so as to reach full implementation of the Geneva Communiqué issued on June 30th of last year.

Russia and the US have pledged to convene an international conference aimed at ending the crisis in Syria, a move that was announced at a midnight press conference between Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on May 7th.

Lavrov expressed deep regret that the majority of the opposition groups, including “Doha Coalition”, unlike the Syrian government, have not shown readiness to participate in the conference.

“Therefore, we firmly and urgently call upon our partners who have a serious influence on Doha Coalition to persuade them to adopt a right attitude and drop the unconstructive stances they have taken,” said Lavrov.

He referred to the final statement of the G-8 Summit, held last month in Ireland, which included a direct call upon the Syrian government and opposition to unify efforts to expel terrorists from Syria, noting that this goal should be among the priorities of the upcoming international conference.

For his part, Jamil said that the west is primarily responsible for the loss of life and material damages caused to the Syrian people due to the unjust siege imposed on Syria which effectively became a group punishment for the Syrians.

He voiced appreciation for Russia’s position on the crisis in Syria which pushes towards a more reasonable and realistic attitude for reaching a solution, lauding the role of Russian President Vladimir Putin in issuing the G-8 statement recently, which was marked by some shifts in the positions of some western countries due to Putin’s efforts.

Jamil also thanked Syria’s friends across the world for their support for the Syrian state and people, voicing optimism for the future despite current hardships.

He pointed out that his visit to Russia aims to find tangible methods of supporting Syria politically and economy, with economic cooperation being a priority.

Jamil said that attempts to subjugate Syria during the past two years using political and military means have failed, which is why economic means are being used to this end.

He pointed out that the internal Syrian opposition believes that the political solution is the only way out of the crisis, and that it fully supports holding the international conference on Syria, adding that it’s necessary for Iran and all sides involved to participate in the conference, as excluding any side will hinder reaching a quick resolution.

Later, Jamil told SANA’s correspondent in Moscow that his talks with Lavrov were positive and in-depth, and that the current economic aspect of the crisis requires a series of steps to maintain Syria’s steadfastness, so the two sides discussed methods of improving the economic situation in Syria on various levels, in addition to affirming the need for reaching a politically resolution quickly via the upcoming Geneva conference.


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