July 17, 2013 (TSR-TNA) – Uzbek National Company Uztransgas ceased gas supplies to Kyrgyzstan’s southern regions, KyrTag quoted Director General of KyrgyzGas Turgunbek Kulmurzayev as saying on Wednesday.

“Uztransgaz cut off gas supplies to the south of the country today at 00:00,” Kulmurzayev said at the press-conference.


According to Kulmurzayev, Uzbekistan informed KyrgyzGas on cessation of the gas supplies with a telephoned telegram sent on Tuesday, but did not explain the reason of such a decision.

He also said that KyrgyzGas’s debt to Uztransgas hit $880,000.

“I ordered today to pay $100,000. But if gas supplies were stopped because of indebtedness the position of Uztrangas is not quite clear. In fact, it didn’t cut gas supplies to southern Kyrgyzstan in winter despite the large amount of debt,” Kulmurzayev said.

KyrgyzGas’s head said that all southern regions of the country except Jalal-Abad province, which is provided by Kyrgyz gas, experience gas deficit.

Besides the Uzbek gas, Kyrgyzstan is also heavily in debt for Kazakh gas.


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