July 4, 2013 (TSR-SANA) – Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi said that what happened in Syria in the past couple of years was an attempt by the forces of political Islam to use the armed terrorist groups in Syria to bring about a profound change in the national project and the structure of the Syrian state.

During his meeting on Thursday with an Algerian popular delegation comprising a number of political, academic and scientific figures, al-Zoubi said the steadfastness of the Syrian people, army and leadership is ”record-breaking, especially that Syria is facing a global war led by the US and carried out by mercenary terrorists who entered Syria in big numbers and with big amounts of weapons with Gulf funding.”

Omran al-Zoubi_07042013

He saw that what happened in Egypt yesterday ”marks the beginning of transformation and the fall of the religious movements’ and political Islam’s capacity to run the state,” adding that the Egyptian people ”have done away with a dangerous model.”

He said that the Egyptian army who brought about that radical shift should be supported.

Al-Zoubi said that political Islam and Brotherization of the Arab model is doomed to failure, especially that it is incapable of preserving the state and running development projects as it is based on ”exclusionist mentality”, indicating that the US has utilized extremism and some Arab regimes, such as Tunisia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in an attempt to overthrow the national state in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and later Syria and Jordan.

The Information Minister considered that the experience of these regimes has started to collapse, adding that the echoes of this collapse will reach as far as Tunisia, Turkey and Libya.

He added that the main factor behind the collapse of the Brotherhood model is Syria’s steadfastness in the face of the challenge that sounded the alarm bell in Egypt.

Al-Zoubi reaffirmed Syria’s standing by the Algerian state and people, indicating that Algeria’s experience in political work is a unique one ”that is facing attempts to disgrace the state. Nonetheless, it has succeeded considerably in overcoming this challenge.”

Head of the delegation, Abdul-Majid Hamedi said that the visit comes to express support to Syria and unmask the misleading media that seeks to distort facts on the ground, voicing trust in Syria’s ability to get past the crisis The delegation members said they realize the volume of the anti-Syria conspiracy, affirming Algeria’s support to Syria.

Mikdad: Syria is facing global war to undermine it

For his part, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad said that Syria is facing a global war that is aimed at undermining and fragmenting it which is ”not about reforms.”

During his meeting with the Algerian delegation, Mikdad said that the conspiracy targeting Syria-led by the US, Israel and some Western, Arab and regional states- is due to the Syria’s firm stance regarding the Palestinian cause and its support to resistance.

Mikdad said that the Syrian government’s agreement to participate in the international conference to solve the crisis in Syria emanates from its interest in finding a political solution, adding that ”The US and its allies seek more weapons to the armed terrorist groups to obstruct political solution.”

Mikdad lauded the strong relations between the two brotherly peoples in Algeria and Syria, expressing confidence that the nation which offered a million martyrs will stand by Syria against terrorism. The delegation members wished imminent victory for Syria over terrorism, expressing trust that Syria will emerge stronger from the crisis.


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