July 4, 2013 (TSR) – The Gulf state of Kuwait on Wednesday urged its citizens in Egypt to leave “at the earliest” and warned against travel to the country after President Mohamed Morsi rejected an ultimatum by the army, amid mass protests and deadly clashes.

“All Kuwaitis present in Egypt must leave at the earliest due to the developments and events in various parts of the country,” the official KUNA news agency cited ambassador Rasheed Al-Hamad as saying.

He also called on Kuwaitis to delay trips to Egypt due to the “unstable situation”.

Kuwait joins fellow Gulf State the UAE in issuing a travel warning to Egypt, where supporters and opponents of embattled president Mohammed Morsi have clashed in the capital Cairo in recent days, leaving more than 20 people dead. Earlier this week, the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged citizens not to travel to Egypt and those already there to leave.

Kuwait becomes the first Arab country to issue a travel warning to Egypt, where supporters and opponents of embattled Morsi clashed during the night in the capital Cairo, leaving more than 20 people dead.

Several other countries that usually send large numbers of summer tourists to Egypt have also issued or expanded their travel warnings, including the United States and Australia.

UK prime minister David Cameron told members of parliament in London that Egypt was witnessing “appalling levels of violence” and citizens should avoid all but essential travel to the country.


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