Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (AFP Photo / HO)
July 4, 2013 (TSR) – Syria‘s President Bashar al-Assad has said that what is happening in Egypt is the fall of so-called “political Islam”, adding that those who use religion for political interests or for the interests of one group will fall anywhere in the world.

In an interview given to al-Thawra newspaper, President al-Assad said, “You cannot deceive everyone all the time, particularly the Egyptian people who have a civilization dating back to thousands of years and clear pan-Arab nationalist thought.”

The President added that after a year the image has become clear for the Egyptian people and the performance of the Muslim Brotherhood helped them uncover the lies made by the Brotherhood in the beginning of the popular revolution in Egypt.”

President al-Assad said the experiment of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule  failed even before it started because this kind of rule is not consistent with the nature of the people and the project of the brotherhood is hypocritical that actually aims at creating sedition in the Arab world.

The President stressed that sedition cannot last in societies that possess knowledge, adding “this is why from the beginning I said their project is a failure before it began and this is what made the Muslim Brotherhood’s experiment fall quickly because it is wrong, and what is built on a wrong principle will definitely fall.”

The Syrian government also says that the ouster of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi by the country’s Army has been a “great achievement” for the Egyptians.

“Syria’s people and leadership and Army express their deep appreciation for the national, populist movement in Egypt which has yielded a great achievement,” the government said in a statement carried on state television on Thursday.

The statement also said that the overthrow of Morsi’s government was “a radical reversal involving a firm will to maintain democracy.”

General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the head of Egypt’s Army, announced late Wednesday that President Morsi was no longer in office and that the constitution is suspended. He declared Head of Supreme Constitutional Court Adli Mansour as the interim president.

Morsi’s ouster came after days of massive anti-government protests plunged the country into chaos.

Syria’s Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi said on Wednesday that Egypt would overcome its crisis if Morsi stepped down.

“Egypt will be able to overcome its crisis if Morsi realizes that the vast majority of the Egyptian people refuse his presence and are calling for his departure,” he said.


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