Jun. 15, 2013 (TSR) – Syria on Friday slammed Washington’s claims that it had used chemical weapons in its fight against foreign backed terrorist groups, accusing the United States of “lies” based on “fabricated information”.

The source slammed the White House’s statement for trying to hold the Syrian government responsible for the use of these weapons despite the fact that “repeated reports confirmed that the extremist terrorist groups in Syria have lethal chemical materials in their possession as well as the technology needed to produce these materials and smuggle them form some neighboring countries.”

 “Pursuant to impudent practices the United States has previously resorted to in order to justify its policies, the White House published a statement full of lies about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, based on fabricated information, through which it is trying to hold the Syrian government responsible for such use,” state news agency SANA quoted a foreign ministry official as saying.

The official said the US claims came “after reports affirming that armed terrorist groups active in Syria are in possession of deadly chemical weapons and the technology necessary to make them”.

The source criticized the flagrant double standard policy the US is practicing in the way it deals with terrorism.

“While seeking banal means to justify the U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision to arm the Syrian opposition, the US is practicing a flagrant double standard policy in dealing with terrorism,” it said.

The source lashed out at the US administration’s double standards when it claims keenness on combating terrorism and adds Jabhat al-Nusra to its terrorist groups lists, while at the same time it supplies the terrorist groups in Syria with arms, money and equipment and provides political coverage to them through blocking a UN Security Council condemnation of their massacres.

The latest of these massacres, the source said, was that which Jabhat al-Nusra committed in Hatla village in Deir Ezzor province, claiming over 60 lives, mostly women and children.

The source also condemned the U.S. decision to supply the armed terrorist groups with arms as reflecting the US’s “direct involvement in the shedding of the Syrian people’s blood.”

The US’s decision, the source added, “raises serious questions about the sincerity of its intentions to contribute to finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria at the time when it stokes violence and terrorism by arming the terrorist groups which are going on with their crimes against the Syrians backed by the US and its allies.”

Washington claimed on Thursday there was evidence that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons including sarin nerve gas in attacks that killed up to 150 people.

The US administration also confirmed it would now provide “military support” to terrorist group in Syria, a decision condemned by Damascus.

“The American decision to arm armed terrorist groups demonstrates… the direct involvement of the United States in the Syrian bloodbath,” the official said.

“This raises serious questions about their good faith when it comes to finding a political solution in Syria,” the official added.

Washington and Moscow have been spearheading efforts to organize a conference in Geneva to find a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

However, the U.S.-backed rebels are boycotting the negotiations, ruining any hope for peace, while threatening to turn an already-tragic disaster into a Yugoslavia-style catastrophe…or worse. The U.S. backed rebels are not participating in the talks because they have nothing to gain from them, and everything to lose.

Assad is winning.

UNHRC resolution on human rights in Syria full of lies and fabricated events

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva Fayssal al-Hamwi said that the draft resolution on human rights conditions in Syria discussed at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is biased and full of lies and fabricated events, as it claims that massacres took place in al-Qseir where none took place according to SANA report.

During a session for discussing the aforementioned resolution, al-Hamwi pointed out that the resolution completely disregards the presence of mercenaries and jihadists from over 40 countries, adding that these mercenaries and jihadists are trained, funded and brought into Syria by some of the very countries who are sponsoring the draft resolution.

Syria’s representative said that Syria no longer acknowledges any role of the Arab League, because the League has become a partner in the crisis under the pressure and influence exerted upon it by Qatar.

He stressed that this resolution completely undermines UN General Assembly No. 46/182 which is considered by all countries to be a reference point in the field of humanitarian aid, giving the exclusive right to supervise humanitarian aid to specific country.

Al-Hamwi warned against such blatant hijacking as any country could become subject to it at any time, adding that the fatal mistake committed by the resolution is encouraging the arming of jihadist terrorists.

He wondered if those who shell Lebanese territories, abduct bishops and Lebanese pilgrims, and executive a 14 year-old boy in front of his parents need the support of the UNHRC.

Syria’s representative noted that at the head of the sponsors of this spiteful resolution is Qatar, which is spending billions of dollars on supporting extremists and jihadists and interfering in the internal affairs of several countries, all while it refrains from spending a single dollar on spreading democracy and supporting human rights within its own borders, pointing out that Qatar still has no constitution, parliament, elections or political parties.

Al-Hamwi denounced the US support and promotion for this resolution through pressuring UNHRC member countries, all while the US claims to cooperate with Russian-UN efforts to hold an international conference on Syria to seek a political solution, stressing that this is a shameful and illogical contradiction.

He said that after the international investigation committee said it had evidence of terrorists’ use of Sarin gas, it quickly recanted this statement within a few hours, and therefore Syria and several other countries no longer trust this committee which continues to refuse referring to the role played by Qatar and Turkey in escalating the crisis in Syria.

Al-Hamwi said the resolution constitutes a unilateral colonialist bill of custody targeting a sovereign, independent country, warning that it will have negative repercussions on ongoing international efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria.

He appealed to countries to refrain from supporting this resolution because it sends a message that supports extremism and terrorism, constitutes a serious threat to humanitarian conditions in Syria, and encourages divisions in the Syrian community. However, the UNHRC passed the resolution, in which it condemned the “interference of foreign fighters in Syria” in a clearly biased manner, as the resolution contained an article on “fighters on behalf of the regime” in a clear sign of siding with the armed terrorist groups.

The resolution was opposed by seven countries and approved by 37 countries known for their hostile positions towards the Syrian people.

It should be noted that world intelligence and media reports confirm the presence of thousands of foreign mercenaries fighting alongside the armed groups in Syria, while the German Die Welt newspaper recently said that Syrians compose no more than 5% of the so-called “Free Army” while 95% of it consists of extremists who came to Syria to partake in “jihad” under official support of Arab Gulf countries.


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