French Ambassador Eric Chevallier rebukes Syrian opposition (

May 31, 2013 (TSR) – The French ambassador, Eric Chevallier, appeared in a video chastising one of the members of the Syrian opposition coalition.

Istanbul hosts the intensive talks of the Syrian opposition, yet it is reported that the case of the coalition is hopeless.

The coalition members are trying to agree on raising the number of the members to geographically widen the representation of the coalition. They are also trying to tackle the issue of the veto and monopolizing the decision by one of the factions in the coalition.

The inability to reach an agreement is leading the Syrian opposition to be in a difficult situation as the Syrian army is attaining several military achievements. This pushed the ambassadors of all the countries that back the opposition to harshly criticize the performance of the opposition.

The French ambassador, Eric Chevallier, had a heated conversation with one of the coalition members, chastising him for blocking the agreement. The latter responded also in an impulsive way, saying: “I don’t care if France cut weapons from the opposition. Also, the opposition does not need France.”

Other ambassadors are warning the Syrian opposition against the failure to reach an agreement because this might lead to the fracture of the coalition.


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