Democrat Senator John Sampson (

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May 21, 2013 (TSR) – Washington, D.C. insider says nine-term New York State Democrat Senator John Sampson, who represents some of the poorest areas of Brooklyn, covered-up evidence of widespread corruption in New York Surrogate’s Courts.

Source says Sampson was first threatened, but then successfully bribed, to bury evidence involving countless state and federal crimes involving billions of dollars.

Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, White Plains, Brooklyn and Manhattan Surrogate’s Courts are said to top the list of areas involved.
Democrat Senator John Sampson (
Democrat Senator John Sampson (
It was revealed on Wednesday that a New York State Court administrative insider said that top state officials had been briefed by the feds on pending federal corruption indictments that would include employees of New York’s Office of Court Administration (a/ka/ “OCA”). Most court employees, including judges, are employed by OCA.
It was further confirmed by the Washington, D.C. source that judges, with ties to banks, would be among those charged.
Sampson, a Brooklyn Democrat, was charged earlier this month with embezzling $440,000 from mortgage accounts and then threatening to “take … out” potential witnesses against a business associate. He pleaded not guilty. Federal prosecutors said the case against him is ongoing; they also revealed Sampson was taped by a former colleague, ex-Sen. Shirley Huntley, at the direction of the FBI.
State officials can’t account for $39,560 in taxpayer money that Sen. John Sampson earmarked to One Caribbean Foundation, a now-defunct Brooklyn charity non-profit group attached to an ethnic radio station. The state senator went into business with One Caribbean Foundation President Edmon Braithwaite in a liquor store he opened shortly after the state funding came through, records show. It’s unclear exactly what their financial relationship was: the State Liquor Authority refused to release information about their license because doing so “would interfere with an ongoing investigation.”
One Caribbean Foundation has three listed directors: Braithwaite and his wife, Myrie, as well as Charles Mohan.

2010 One Caribbean Exempt App Redacted




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