by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, Chief Visionary Founder & Owner

May 21, 2013 (TSR) –  In less than 24 hours after the Saudi Arabia Defense Ministry Mail System got compromised, the Syrian Electronic Army hijacked Europe’s first daily web-based newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, a UK-based international news portal. Earlier today, the Syrian Electronic Army has compromised 8 Twitter accounts Telegraph news and Facebook account.

Hacktivists are determined to shut down organizations and countries who have been spreading lies and propaganda against the Syrian government and contributing to chaos and disharmony. This independent group in particular have been diligently penetrating top organizations such as Mastercard Worldwide, Qatar Foundation, AFP, France24, BBC, Financial Times, The Onion, E! News, the Guardian, Haaretz, and more, back to back, in a matter of days in between.

Since 2004, the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph has been owned by the reclusive 77-year-old twins, Sir David Rowat Barclay and Sir Frederick Hugh Barclay, i.e. “Barclay Brothers”.  In 2012, they have been named at the top of a list of the richest people in publishing and advertising in Britain with a fortune of £2.25bn. They also own the Ritz Hotel and Littlewoods mail order business.

Sir David (left) and Sir Frederick Barclay top the Sunday Times Rich List for publishing and advertsing. (Photo: James Fraser/Rex Features)
Sir David (left) and Sir Frederick Barclay top the Sunday Times Rich List for publishing and advertising. (Photo: James Fraser/Rex Features)

The Daily Telegraph has been politically conservative in modern times. The personal links between the paper’s editors and the leadership of the Conservative Party, along with the paper’s influence over Conservative activists, have resulted in the paper commonly being referred to, especially in Private Eye, as the Torygraph. Even when Conservative support was shown to have slumped in the opinion polls and Labour became ascendant in them (particularly when leader Tony Blair rebranded the party as “New Labour” on becoming leader after the death of John Smith in 1994), the newspaper remained loyal to the Conservatives. This loyalty continued after Labour ousted the Conservatives from power by a landslide election result in 1997, and in the face of Labour election wins in 2001 and the third successive Labour election win in 2005.

The current Prime Minister, David Cameron is a conservative and has been instrumental in the destabilization and ruin of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and now the Syrian Arab Republic.

As usual hackers started to tweet from the hacked account. “#FSA terrorists executed innocent citizens: #SEA Syria” one of the tweets posted by the group reads.


The list of hacked accounts:


In addition to the twitter account hack, they also hijacked the official Facebook Page :

“We are aware that some of our accounts have been compromised and are working to resolve the issue. Many thanks for your patience.” The telegraph responded to the hack.

The accounts have been restored.



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