April 25, 2013 (TSR-SANA) –┬áRussia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, stressed that the European Union’s (EU) decision on importing the Syrian oil from “the Syrian opposition” is dangerous and constitutes a violation of the norms of the international law and the Syrian sovereignty.

During his speech in the UN Security Council’s session on the Situation in the Middle East, Churkin expressed strong astonishment over the EU dangerous decision that violates the norms of the international law and the principles of national sovereignty.

He refuted the justifications of the promoters of the decision under the pretext of supporting what they call the ‘moderate opposition’, adding “No matter how much those who created this dangerous decision attempted to propose it, there is no need to be a prophet to understand that financial flows go to the strongest armed ranks.”

The Russian diplomat clarified “those are the extremists and radicals including al-Qaeda -linked terrorists from ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’ and they are controlling several oil fields.

Churkin warned that betting on war to the end in Syria would lead to worsening the situation and increasing the danger of terrorism, underscoring Russia’s worries of “exporting weapons to illicit groups in Syria”.

He warned that the weapons being exported to Syria may reach the terrorists at the end.

Churkin drew SC members’ attention that “the main task in Syria now lies in forcing all sides to halt violence, start a dialogue and agree on forming a transitional administration according to Geneva Statement on 30th of June,2012.”

The Russian Diplomat described the UN General Secretariat’s decision regarding investigation in the issue of using chemical weapons in Syria as not coordinated and transparent enough, calling for declining attempts of deviation from the Syrian government’s proposal to investigate in the scenes related to using chemical weapons near Aleppo on 19th of March under different pretexts.

He expressed astonishment that Britain and France have waited for several months before asking the UN Secretary-General to send experts to some Syrian areas.

The Russian Diplomat said ” it seems that the Secretary-General has taken this decision blindly without consultation with the General Secretariat personnel concerned in issues of arm control.”

China Stresses Its Firm Stance on Political Solution in Syria

China’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Li Baodong, stressed his country’s firm stance regarding the crisis in Syria through a political process under the leadership of Syria.

The Chinese News Agency, Xinhua, quoted Li as saying during the session “We urge all relevant parties to achieve ceasefire and halt violence as soon as possible, in addition to launching a political dialogue and applying a political transition in leading Syria.”

Li called for taking decisions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which represents the essential cause in the Middle East, expressing hope that the concerned parties would solve their disputes through negotiations based on UN resolutions relevant and the principle of land for peace in a way that leads to establishing an independent Palestinian state.

Last March, China expressed its support to the international efforts for consolidating peace process in the Middle East, saying that it will continue in practicing a constructive role in cooperation with the international community to reach a just, permanent and comprehensive solution in the Middle East.

Iran: Solution in Syria Lies in Enhancing Political and Peaceful Options

For his part, Iran’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Mohammad Khazaei, stressed that the solution to the crisis in Syria lies in enhancing political and peaceful options in order to halt the violence and start a comprehensive national dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition.

“Tehran sees that any foreign military intervention in Syria would escalate the crisis and spread tension to the rest of the region’s countries,” said Khazaei.

He added that “Any mistake in assessment and any wrong decision of military intervention in the Middle East would stoke extremism, sectarianism and terrorism in it.”

As the Chairman of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement, Khazaei expressed the Movement’s concern over violating the 1974 Disengagement Agreement on the Occupied Syrian Golan.

He demanded that the Zionist entity comply with the UN Resolution 497 and withdraw fully from the Golan.

Khazaei also voiced the Movement’s concern over the brutal practices of the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people and its denunciation of the continued settlement activities and the arrest of thousands of Palestinians.


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