by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, Chief visionary Founder & Owner

April 12, 2013 (TSR) – The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released information bulletin No. 1029 on April 11 as response to the warmongering propaganda carried out by Zionist owned media with CNN at the helm, the same way they have done with Libya under Muammar Gaddafi, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and Hugo Chavez.

In South Korea, Chosun Ilbo, Dong-A Ilbo, Munhwa Ilbo, Segye Ilbo and other die-hard conservative media have been stoking their population with fear, and describing the new strategic line set forth at the March, 2013 plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea as a “provocation with an attempt at nuclear weaponization” and “extremely dangerous brinkmanship tactic”, saying that “the north’s behavior is assuming increasing danger”.

Slander is also quite the norm in these reports, and predictably American media strategy. The reports show no respect of DPRK’s sovereignty and its independent social system, calling them a “group of criminals”, thereby distorting the prevailing situation on the Korean Peninsula and misleading the public opinion.

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A dismissed the south Korean media’s rhetoric as another hideous provocation against the DPRK and an intolerable act of treachery.

The paid conservative mainstream media in South Korea and America have now gone amok and beyond the tolerance limit for sanity that a spokesman for the Central Committee of the Journalists Union of Korea dismissed and labeled journalists as ‘war criminals’ in a statement on Tuesday:

As had been branded by the public at home and abroad, the vicious conservative media of south Korea are no more than pseudo-media that have been reduced to a dutiful servant for the colonial ruler, a dirty waiting maid of fascist dictatorship and a hideous trumpeter inciting confrontation with fellow countrymen, quite contrary to their mission as media.

The north-south relations have been pushed to the lowest ebb in history and the south Koreans’ living and safety have been seriously threatened. Such a serious situation is by no means irrelevant with the conservative media’s coarse invectives against the DPRK.

If the group of the paid media is allowed to keep up the acts of treachery and confrontation with fellow countrymen, there will break out only a war.

The paid hack writers are hideous war criminals who should be sternly punished to death as they agitate confrontation with fellow countrymen, incite a war and foster injustice.

The West Zionist mainstream media and their lies are inciting chaos around the world. (
The West Zionist mainstream media and their lies are inciting chaos around the world.

Here is the full official text from the Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released information bulletin No. 1029 on April 11:

The puppet group of south Korea, taken aback by the toughest steps taken by the DPRK to defend its dignity and sovereignty, is letting loose absurd remarks, the bulletin said, and went on:

Those concerned of the puppet regime including Chongwadae, experts and conservative media have remarked that the north will not provoke an all-out war even though it ratchets up threats. They are describing those steps as “brinkmanship tactics”, saying that study into the inside of the north shows that the people are leading a peaceful life as usual.

They are also calling those steps an “extreme psychological warfare” and “sort of propaganda”.

Our comment to their rhetoric about “psychological warfare” and “propaganda” is that they are free to think at their will but should not belatedly regret having done such a thing.

Now south Koreans buy out food and daily necessities out of extreme war-phobia, making volumes of sale soar.

Several countries are taking measures to provide shelter or evacuate their people residing in south Korea, and foreign students, businessmen and institutions are thrown into chaos, trying to find their way out of south Korea.

The puppet group of south Korea is resorting to smear propaganda campaign to seek its comfort by forcing others into death like itself.

The arrows indicating the merciless retaliatory strikes have already been drawn directing at the U.S. mainland, U.S. military bases in the Pacific and all other bases where the U.S. imperialist aggression forces station.

The powerful strike means of the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK have been put in their places and the coordinates of targets put into the warheads.

Just pressing the button will be enough to turn the strongholds of the enemies into the sea of fire.

However, the south Korean regime is talking about “psychological warfare” and “propaganda campaign”. This is a despicable act which can be done only by imbeciles and fools unaware of what an all-out action declared by the DPRK is like and what consequences their acts will entail.

As for their talk about peaceful activities in the north, it is the fixed will of the army and people of the DPRK to carry on production and construction till midnight today and have children taught at schools even though a war might break out tomorrow.

The DPRK has won victories in confrontation with the U.S. in this spirit and is waging an all-out action with it, with confidence in final victory.

The enemies should know that it is the era of the great Marshal

Kim Jong Un, leader of the most powerful country and invincible great Paektusan nation.

The U.S. and south Korean war maniacs are gravely mistaken and misjudged if they think they can have lucky chance.

War can break out any moment and what remains to be done is merciless punishment of the enemies.

Belated regret will be useless and not a single man will be able to survive to regret for his doing.


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