by Staff Reporter

April 13, 2013 (TSR) – Venezuela’s Minister for the Public Bank, Rodolfo Marco Torres, has proposed the creation of a customer service program specially designed for deaf people which would help them gain access to banking services.

To create this program, a group of sign language interpreters will receive training in finance so that the offices of the Bank of Venezuela, an institution headed by Torres, can have personnel that are equipped to provide proper attention to persons with auditory disorders.

Banco de Venezuela

This proposal was put forth during the second workshop on financial education for the members of the Deaf Association of Caracas, according to a press release by the Bank of Venezuela.

The press release also states that by the end of April, more financial services materials will be delivered to the Deaf Association, including banking passbooks, checking accounts, savings accounts and loans, which will help make banking accessible to this sector.

During the first workshop held by this group last year, more than 100 deaf people were incorporated into the banking system.


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