by Chae Il Chul, Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of (North) Korea

April 6, 2013 (TSR) – The new line of the WPK on parallel growth in the economy and nuclear arms build-up laid down by respected Kim Jong Un continues to meet with immediate response from the world public. This is because this strategic line conforms to the demands of the present international situation and of the situation our Republic is facing now.

Over the past two decades the imperialist neo-colonialist method became more cunning and multiple than in the days of two world wars and Cold War, and many countries fell prey to the carrot and stick.

The method is mainly two-fold.

One is to force a nation to give up its national defense forces.

In the pre-Balkan War days, the U.S. urged Yugoslavia to pull out its special force from Kosovo so that the Kosovo troops could replace it, then U.S. planes bombed Yugoslavia indiscriminately.

A similar thing happened in Iraq.


The U.S. compelled Iraq to destroy its military facilities including missiles, and then by war conquered it at one stroke.

Libya is another example.

The U.S. applied pressure to Libya that had long been a thorn in its flesh. Libya was brought down on its knees and agreed to abandon its long-drawn nuclear arms build-up program. Then came wave-in attacks of the NATO countries that burned Libya to ashes.

First to disarm a nation and take it by surprise and knock it down at last — This is one neo-colonialist method.

The other method is appeasement or deception, involving promise of aid and establishment of normal relations.

The Western forces would say if a nation gives up its arms build-up, they would help it better off.

Some countries, fooled by their lies, deflected from their principled stand and drew back one step after another. But when a war broke out, those imposters went against their words.

Resorting to their strategic bombers, nuclear flat tops and other ultra modern war tools, plus large-scale military exercises, the NATO forces and multi-national forces tried to find the weak point of their enemy and pounce upon it soon.

The tragedies of many countries teach a bitter lesson that one must build up one’s own strength, or it cannot defend its sovereignty and dignity, nor can it ensure its people with the rights to existence and progress.

Our Army and the people will continue their efforts to boost their nuclear arms build-up to crush the imperialist schemes of military pressure and blockade, economic appeasement and tricks.


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