February 1, 2013 (TSR) -Syria has taken Israel to the UN over an Israeli air strike which targeted a research center, Syria’s Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad said Friday.

Khaled Dawood from Syria’s National Salvation Front believes that the raid targeted both militants and Assad’s regime but is unacceptable as it had breached Syria’s sovereignty, he told the Voice of Russia.

Herb Keinon, the diplomatic correspondent at The Jerusalem Post, told VoR that Israel has expected a retaliation and is ready for it, having placed its Iron Dome interceptor to the north, closer to Syria.

Syrian FM appeals to UN over Israeli attack

The Syrian Foreign Ministry, Walid al Muallem, has appealed to the United Nations to condemn the air strike by the Israeli Air Force.

According to the Syrian Army Command, on January 30th, Israeli fighter aircraft attacked a research center near Damascus.

The Foreign Minister noted that media reports that the Israeli Air Force was targeting a convoy of arms on the Syrian-Lebanese border are not true.

Earlier, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon expressed deep concern about the reports air-strikes being carried out by the Israeli Air Force on the facility in Syria.

United Nations Forces, stationed in the Golan Heights, have not confirmed the Israeli air-strike, citing poor weather conditions in the region.

Israel has refused to comment on the actions of its own aircraft.

Source: Voice of Russia, RIA


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