September 7, 2012 (TSR) – NileSat Company suspended broadcasting the Syrian satellite channels in a unilateral procedure unjustifiably violating terms of the contract signed with the Company and the Media Code of Ethics, Ministry of Information said on Wednesday.

This procedure contradicts principles of media work in an unacceptable and blatant way within the framework of the campaign targeting Syria, the statement added.

Minister of Information Omran al-Zou’bi underlined that suspending broadcast of the Syrian TV stations on Arab Sat and Nile Sat is like an order of operations whose perpetrators expect to lead to outcomes that serve their target against Syria.

“The move won’t help resolve the crisis in Syria or conduct a dialogue among the Syrians, but it aims to make the voice of conspiracy loud and silence the voice of people,” Minister al-Zou’bi said in a speech to al-Manar TV broadcast on Thursday.

“The decision comes in the framework of pressure on Syria practiced by western, Arab and Israeli sides within the conspiracy group against Syria,” the Minister said. He added that the move won’t help solve the crisis, but on the contrary it complicates the issue as they want to impose one voice which is the voice of conspiracy.

The Ministry stressed its condemnation of this violation and considered it as direct evidence on its administrators’ bias to the side of the plot launched against the Syrian state and people, adding that this behavior serves the Zionist scheme.

The Ministry called upon the NileSat Satellite Company to refrain from its behavior and adhere to the legal regulations in this regard.

In a similar statement, the Ministry of Information announced that the Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat) cut broadcasting the Syrian satellite channels in line with NileSat Company which has already carried out its role in the Zionist project that aimed at silencing the voice of the homeland and contributing to the deception, fabrication and the falsification of facts.

The Ministry condemned this behavior which violates the simplest rules of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) law and Syria’s rights which should be preserved according to these rules.

The Ministry considered this procedure as flagrant violation of media code of ethics and principles of journalistic work, calling upon the Arabsat administration to refrain from its decision and commit to the law and morals of media.

The Ministry called upon Syrian citizens to watch the Syrian channels on the terrestrial channels and the Eutelsat and Hotbird on the following frequencies:

The Syrian TV Satellite Channel — Eutelsat — 11680 horizontal

The Syrian al-Ikhbariya TV Channel — Eutelsat — 11390 vertical

Addounia TV Channel — Eutelsat — 10922 vertical

The Syrian TV Satellite Channel — Hotbird — 12015 horizontal

On a relevant note, the Information Ministry said that the live feed of the Syrian Satellite Channel and Al-Ikhbariya TV can be viewed online at the General Organization of Radio and TV website at while Addounia TV can be viewed online on its website at

Union of Syrian Journalists Denounces Suspending Broadcast of Syrian Satellite Channels as Media Piracy

Union of Syrian Journalists denounced the NileSat administration’s decision to suspend the broadcast of Syrian satellite channels as media piracy against national media and the freedom of the word.

The Union said in a statement on Wednesday that this step came in implementation of the decision of the Council of the Arab Foreign Ministers which called upon the NileSat and Arabsat administrations to stop broadcasting the Syrian satellite channels which is unexpected since these organizations signed contracts and had legal obligations regarding the Syrian channels.

The statement added that the union addressed all Arab journalist unions and the International Federation of Journalists to condemn this move and to call upon the administration of NileSat to refrain from their decision in accordance with the minimum level of moral principles and international conventions, particularly the UN Charter on the freedom of opinion and expression.

The union concluded that the Syrian national media with all its institutions and cadres which confronted the conspiracy is able to find ways that help it continue conveying the truth to the Syrian people and the Arab and international public opinion.

National Media Council: NileSat, Arabsat Decision to Suspend Syrian Channels Illegal

The National Media Council stressed that the NileSat and Arabsat decision to suspend the broadcast of the Syrian satellite channels is illegal and condemned as it came under the war against Syria.

The Council considered these procedures as completion of criminal acts that targeted the Syrian media institutions and the journalists, stressing that such terrorist acts aimed at silencing the voice of the Syrian media which presented to the local and international public opinion the reality of what is taking place on the ground exposing the campaign of lies and fabrications led by Arab and western media.

The Council added that it reserved its right to take necessary legal procedures to prosecute the two companies and all media outlets that violate rules of the journalist work.

It added that all attempts targeting the Syrian media will fail as it belongs to the Syrian people and convey the reality, stressing that the national media will preserve its professionalism to expose the fabrications of other media.

Wide Condemnation arose

The Syrian Human Rights Network called for the application of Article 25 of the Rome Statute against those behind cutting the broadcast of the official Syrian satellite channels and Addounia and al-Ikhbariya TV channels, putting this procedure in the framework of provocation for violence and bloodshed.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the network underlined the need to bring those who are behind this procedure to International Criminal Court.

The Network strongly condemned this aggressive act contradicting the contract between the Syrian government and the administrations of Nilesat and Arabsat companies. It pointed out that this procedure aims at obscuring the truth from the Syrian citizens and trapping them in the media fabrications.

“The involved sides work on horrifying and misleading the Syrians in violation of Article No 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the first two paragraphs of Article 20 on The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that ban any propaganda on war or any call for national, ethnic or religious hatred,” the Network said.

People of Golan: Syrian Channels Blackout Desperate Attempt to Undermine Syria’s Resistant Role

People of the Syrian occupied Golan denounced the Syrian channels blackout as a desperate attempt to undermine the resistant role of the Syrian people, army and media against the domination powers in the world.

The people of Golan reiterated, in a statement issued today, their rejection of this serious violation which aimed at hiding the reality of events on the ground and opening the door in front of instigative extremist and Zionist media to fabricate events serving Zionism and oil monarchies’ pre-set agendas.

The statement added that the decision of the Arabsat and Nilesat administrations stresses their submission to the Zionist-western project backed by the Gulf.

The people of Golan called upon the Arab League, which has never issued a statement condemning the Israeli occupation’s violations of the Arab occupied territories for many years, to come back to its senses.

They stressed their standing by the motherland, Syria, in the face of the conspiracy which was foiled by the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the army.

Hezbollah Condemns Decision to Stop Broadcasting Syrian TV Channels as Attempt to Silence Syrian Media

Hezbollah condemned stopping the broadcast of Syrian channels as an attempt to suppress the freedom of expression and to silence the Syrian media voice after several attacks and killing and kidnapping acts against Syrian journalists.

In a statement on Thursday, Hezbollah said the decision violates rules regulating the media work and continues the approach of the condemned intervention in Syria’s internal affairs.

Hezbollah expressed solidarity with the administrations and workers at the Syrian TV channels, stressing full support to their efforts to present facts and prevent all fabrication attempts to broadcast events that contradict what is really taking place in the country.

Popular Committee for Solidarity with Syrian People: Cutting Broadcast of Syrian Channels Arbitrary Procedure to Silence Syrian Media Voice

The popular committee for solidarity with the Syrian people and leadership in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 condemned cutting the broadcast of the Syrian TV channels as arbitrary procedure which aims at silencing the voice of the Syrian national media.

The committee said in a statement that the decision proved the success of the Syrian media in confronting the conspiracy and exposing the Arab and western misleading campaign as partner in shedding the Syrian blood and provided a new evidence on the failure of Syria’s enemies.

The statement added that every journalist and free and democratic human condemns this arbitrary move and stands in honor of Syria’s martyrs who sacrificed their souls to raise the Syrian voice.

It said that the imperialist, Zionism and the Arab reactionary tried to stoke violence in Syria through its media seeking foreign intervention in the country but the Syrian media has foiled their plots and misleading campaigns.

The committee called upon the Nilesat and Arabsat administrations to commit to the terms of contracts signed with satellite channels and refrain from their decisions to stop the broadcast of Syrian channels.

Syrian Community Members in Hungary Denounce Decision to Stop Syrian TVs Broadcast as Media Piracy

The “Forum for Syria” which includes members from the Syrian and Arab communities and Hungarian figures condemned the cutting of Syrian TVs broadcast on NileSat and Arabsat as media piracy against the Syrian national media.

In a statement today, the Forum said that the decision is an aggressive act against the freedom of the word and expression as it is a desperate attempt to silence the voice of the right and falsify facts in line with foreign agenda targeting the steadfastness of the Syrian people and Syria’s defending the Arab Nation issues, particularly the Palestinian Cause.

The statement stressed that Syria will remain strong in the face of domination plots and will not permit establishing new Middle East that serves the US and its ally Israel.

It added that the Syrian and Arab expatriates and Hungarians consider the decision a violation of the media code of ethics serving the interest of the Zionist project in the region.

The statement called upon the Nilesat and Arabsat administrations to refrain from their decisions which support terrorists and cover their crimes against the Syrian people.

Source: SANA


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