Violence and Rape are on the rise in India

September 6, 2012 (TSR) – Serious crimes against women have increased in the last few years and proper measures should be taken to penalise offenders, Home Minister Sushil kumar Shinde said Thursday.

The minister also called on the police force to take stern measures in keeping tabs on child trafficking, Press Trust of India reported.

“Serious crimes against women have increased during the 2009-11 period. We need to adopt appropriate steps for swift and salutary punishment to persons found guilty of violence against women,” Shinde said while addressing members of the police force at an annual conference here.

Violence and Rape are on the rise in India

“And in 2011 alone, about 60,000 children were reported to be missing in the country,” he added.

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has developed a ‘Track the Missing Children Portal’ which has been successfully piloted in West Bengal over the last three years.

The portal will be made available to all police stations and child care institutions in the country to enable faster detection of matches of lost and found children.

The Home Minister urged police chiefs to increase the number of women in their respective organisations.

“The overall representation of women in the police force should be increased through affirmative action as there are only 83,829 female police in the country as of January this year,” he said.

Source: Bernama


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