September 5, 2012 (TSR) – Eighty-six per cent of 1.6 million Venezuelans taking part in the election drill held on Sunday voted yes to the reelection of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, according to a count released Tuesday by the Campaign Command of Carabobo.

In this drill organised by the National Electoral Council (CNE), the opposition candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski, only obtained 12 percent of the suffrages, said the national boss of the Command in Carabobo, Jorge Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said that this result came from the rapid count made by the members of the Command of Carabobo at 1, 553 voting centres in the country.

The simulacrum also showed that in 1,300 voting points, the suffrage in favour of Chavez overcame 75 percent, even the result benefited him in places where traditionally ” the bourgeoisie has its followers “, he added.

Rodriguez underlined that the drill was useful, among other aspects, to evaluate the deployment of the campaign movement and the mobilisation of the voters, and to perfect the will of the people facing the elections of Oct 7.

“This is a preface of what will happen the day of the presidential elections, but we must not fall down into false ideas of triumph and strengthen the campaign with a view to increase the breach in favour of Chavez,” he said.

The boss of the Command of Carabobo denounced what he named “a continually aggravated swindle” on the part of the opposition campaign that denies its oligarchical bourgeois origins and the real essence of its proposal of programme of government.

Also, he denied with documents the opposition’s statement of not having summoned its followers to take part in the drill, and denounced that private press media published weak results to minimise the breach between the candidates for the presidency of the South American nation.

Rodríguez said there is a resolution of the Command of Carabobo to come, along with the representatives of the opposition campaign, before the CNE to request total results of the drill, in case the rightwing tries to deny the information published on Monday.

Source: Prensa Latina


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