Minister Omran al-Zoubi

September 3, 2012 (TSR) – The Syrian Information Ministry said that a group of Qatari and French experts are setting up devices and mobile stations in Wadi Khaled and Akroum Mountain in North Lebanon to jam the broadcast of the Syrian satellite channels and wiretap communications in Lebanon and Syria according to SANA Syrian News Agency.

The Ministry said that the Qatari intelligence intends to set up satellite broadcasting devices in North Lebanon to be used by the armed terrorist groups, adding that French technical experts have started execution. The Ministry said that the stations are connected to communication devices connected with communication bases north of the occupied Palestine.

Minister Omran al-Zoubi


The Information Ministry also warns citizens that messages are being sent to cell phones that cannot be deleted without typing the word “agree” and cause technical issues in the phone if they are rejected.

The Ministry affirmed that these messages are an attempt at political and media exploitation carried out by foreign sides known for their animosity towards Syria.


The Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said Monday that the situation in Syria in general is good and under control.

“Our situation in Syria in terms of the state, the leadership, the citizens, the army and the facilities is good and there will be nothing other than that,” al-Zoubi told a press conference Monday.

Commenting on the recent threats by the armed insurgents, who said they will target the civilian airports in the capital Damascus, and northern Aleppo province, al-Zoubi said “their aim is to inject fear and terror among the citizens.”


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