September 1, 2012 (TSR) – Blind mainland activist Chen Guangcheng has accepted an invitation to visit Taipei, Taiwanese lawmakers said on Saturday, in a move likely to anger Beijing.

“Chen gladly accepts our invitation and plans to make the visit no later than the summer next year since he is currently working on several projects,” lawmaker Lin Shih-chia told reporters after meeting with Chen in New York.

Chen is expected to address Taiwan’s parliament as well as meet with local human rights and legal groups in a visit accompanied by his family, Lin said, adding that details are yet to be finalised.

Lin Chia-lung, another lawmaker who also visited the activist, said the trip will be hosted by civil groups in a bid to reduce “unnecessary reactions”.

“Chen is a visiting scholar in the United States and we urge that his rights to travel and free expression be respected,” he said.

The 40-year-old activist has been living in New York since May after a dramatic escape from house arrest to the US embassy in Beijing.

Chen was sentenced to more than four years in prison in 2006 after exposing abuses in China’s one-child policy, and was then placed under house arrest upon his release in September 2010.

His escape from house arrest and his dramatic arrival at the US embassy in Beijing highlighted China’s long-criticised human rights record. After high-level negotiations between US and Chinese officials, Chen was allowed to move to the United States.

Source: AFP


Publisher’s Little Notes for Context:

I think it’s quite obvious in the timing that US spearheaded this article as propaganda to annoy China after Beijing and Taipei announced their yuan clearing pact. For those who are geographically-challenged, Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan.

Furthermore, the article, with our title to call it for what it is, comes from Agence France-Presse (AFP), which is a French news agency, the oldest one in the world, and one of the three largest with Associated Press and Reuters. It is also the largest French news agency. That alone is a given.

Another one, that many seem to miss is that Chen Guangchen is a real stooge and tool. Chen’s international notoriety was due to backing of the U.S. State Department, the British Foreign Secretary, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International. In fact, the National Endowment for Democracy honored Chen with the 2008 Democracy Award. When Chen arrived in the USA, Council of Foreign Relations immediately gave him a platform to speak. These alone speak volumes because it is the very same groups that are manufacturing dissent and propaganda around the world to destabilize nations, force regime change, using the banner of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’, when underneath it all is purely and aggressively promote U.S. Global Hegemonic agenda.

I am personally amused at the article calling Chen as ‘scholar’. Indeed, he was offered a ‘visitor scholar’ offer by New York University, which clearly must be connected to Hillary Clinton since she is based in New York and can pull a lot of strings when she needs something done, just like everyone else.

It is interesting to note that he gets this designation, when in 2005, Washinton Post describes Chen Guangcheng as “a blind peasant with limited legal training taking on the Communist Party’s one-child policy, which has long been considered a pillar of the nation’s economic development strategy and off-limits to public debate” and having “limited legal training“.

Upon further scrutiny, this ‘scholar’ at the age of 18 (1989), Chen began attending school as a grade one student at the Elementary School for the Blind in Linyi city. In 1994, he enrolled at the Qingdao High School for the Blind, from which he graduated in 1998. He had already begun developing an interest in law, and would often ask his brothers to read legal texts to him. Although his family was poor, he earned a position at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1998. His family borrowed $340 to cover tuition costs, falling short of the required $400. University authorities reportedly had to be pleaded with before allowing Chen to enroll. He studied in Nanjing from 1998 to 2001, specializing in acupuncture and massage—the only programs available to the blind. Chen also audited legal courses, gaining a ‘sufficient’ understanding of the law to allow him to aid his fellow villagers when they sought his assistance. After graduation he returned to his home region and found a job as a masseur in the hospital of Yinan County.

Let me repeat: His background is a MASSEUSE and a FARMER.

The other interesting thing is that mainstream media keep calling him ‘activist’ but never say what exactly he stood for. Let me clarify this important information because it lacks context.

In 2005, this blind Chinese peasant farmer (nicknamed by Washington Post), filed a class-action lawsuit on the behalf of women from Linyi against the city’s family planning staff. Chen is against abortion and fighting against China’s One Child Policy.

I repeat: Chen’s cause is he is PRO-LIFE.

Knowing that, where are the outspoken American conservatives and Republicans? You have Mitt Romney who is also in this anti-China rant. Can you see the hypocrisy and obvious agenda of the establishment? This has nothing to do with any real human rights activism. This is about China. The USA has been doing all they can to put China under submission by funding dissidents and cause destabilization. Prime example was the failed ‘Jasmine Revolution’ to which they were trying to pull their successful ‘Arabspring’ on the Chinese. Unfortunately for them, the Chinese didn’t buy it. In fact, the former US Ambassador Huntsman was found in the area and was filmed. During that time, Hillary Clinton’s name also became blacklisted all over China’s internet search engines. My crew was extremely busy with taking out the fires of destabilization were popping up all over the Middle East when this happened and we already knew something sinister was going on. I was then notified that Chinese leadership took care of it as they were informed by our TEAM.

Here’s a thought: Can the West, in particular the Americans understand that this is a DOMESTIC ISSUE just like how the conservative pro-life and pro-choice groups battle it out every single year?

Let’s turn the tables: How would the world feel is one of those Americans who have been hurt by their government’s crackdown, say through NDAA implementation, should take refuge in a Chinese embassy? And the Chinese government pull the same denial that the US embassy did in China and to the media?

Responding to questions about Chen’s allegation, a senior official with the National Population and Family Planning Commission told the Washington Post that the practice of forced abortions and sterilizations was “definitely illegal,” and indicated that the complaints were being investigated. “If the Linyi complaints are true, or even partly true, it’s because local officials do not understand the new demands of the Chinese leadership regarding family planning work,” said the official.

Chen Guangchen is a definite paid tool and pawn, and a traitor at that. If I was Chinese, I would disown him. I also have no respect for people who use their handicap to manipulate people’s emotional strings with victimhood, which is one of the political strategy tactics to sway masses. Chen’s ‘notoriety’ was convenient to go with the Bo Xilai corruption and his wife’s murder of the British businessman. This is a whole different topic, but in a nutshell, the western mainstream media also did some amazing propaganda tactics on that.

USA will crown anyone whoever they wish if it serves their purpose in destroying China’s image and in a savvy propaganda, further demonize them to make sure they lose credibility.

China is a very mature civilization and can see through the facade just like I do. We are not stupid. Those who believe the grandiose pageantry of mainstream media ‘reporting’ are brainwashed. This is exactly how you separate the Wheat from the Chaff.


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