August 21, 2012 (TSR) – The International Business Bank (BNI) has launched the Sociedade de Micro-credito (Micro-credit Society) also called FacilCred, that has already released four banking projects into the market, namely “FacilSolidário, FacilEmpreendedor, FacilEstudante and FacilSupermercado”.

According to the institution’s executive director, Judite Correia, FacilSolidário is designed to fund six to ten people groups dealing in commercial activity or with business initiative, with amounts ranging from Akz 10,000 to one million and refund periods from two weeks to six months.

FacilEmpreendedor is intended to help set up small individual businesses and boost existing businesses, with funds amounting from Akz 50,000 and one million refundable between three to 12 months, respectively.

The other product launched under the Micro-Credit Society is FacilEstudante and makes provisions to help students to pay school fees, buy school materials and cover specialisation courses. The amounts range from Akz 25,000 to One mission, refundable in one month to 12 months.

Judite Correia added that the FacilSupermercado, designed to help with shopping of household commodities will involve amounts of Akz 25,000 to one million, with refund terms of one month.

Meanwhile, the FacilCred manager announced the creation of the figure of credit agent that will check out the information provided by the applicants and follow up the whole process to completion.

On the other hand, the Micro-credit Society’s headquarters was inaugurated Monday in Luanda, during a ceremony witnessed by the deputy governor of the Angola Reserve Bank (BNA), António André Lopes.

Source: Angola Press


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