by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, Founder and Publisher

August 18, 2012 (TSR) – The mechanisms that the US government use to damage the image of the progressive governments of Latin America have been identified in Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina and Bolivia now, thanks to the book called “Wiki Media Leaks”. The book written by two Argentine authors, Martin and Sebastian Becerra Lacunza, exhibits “the relationship between media and governments of Latin America the prism of the WikiLeaks cables.”

The work shows how U.S. ambassadors in La Paz had contacts with the media and big business, as they were unhappy with the change of time with the full supporting millions of Bolivians to their President Evo Morales.

On page 152, it reveals how similar discourses, styles and patterns were used to attempt to damage the image of the Bolivian head of state.

For instance, based on the cables of November 27, 2007, it reported that when sending texts on freedom of expression, including definitions like those signed by Ambassador Philip Goldberg, he said “Although Bolivia still has a vibrant press and is independent, but we see that freedom of expression has deteriorated under President Morales “.

This same release was recycled and quoted as a report by the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) on March 2007, and appeared as “it is undeniable that the climate of fear has been installed after the President called and mobilize the masses of supporters to intimidate the journalists and the media. ”

In addition, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID, for its acronym in English) and other international agencies have been the political and financial support of certain private media and groups that oppose governments like Bolivia.

The diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks confirm that U.S. State Department initiated the ‘incentivized’ media campaigns against Evo Morales.

The collected data also show that in May 2006, the U.S. diplomatic mission in La Paz claimed that three Venezuelans were hired by USAID to work in Bolivia “on democracy.” Later, in November 2007, the then U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, Philip Goldberg, said in another cable, his distaste for the Bolivian government was investigating the financing agencies like USAID to certain sections of the press in that country .

Goldberg even said that Evo Morales was making a show and reported that the journalist Carlos Valverde, whom he identified as one of its sources, had assured him that the Bolivian president was preparing “the way for a coup.”

On this issue, President Rafael Correa spoke today in Loja and shared his disappointment to these manipulations and agreements between commercial media owners, businessmen and diplomats living in Latin America in order to harm the dignity of peoples.

Finally, the Ecuadorian president said that as commercial media in Ecuador became political actors.


Bolivia’s large indigenous population is ruled by Latin America’s first indigenous president Evo Morales, who was elected in 2006. Morales is serving his second term in office. His first election, December 18, 2005, he won with 53.7% of the popular vote. Two and a half years later he substantially increased this majority; in a recall referendum on August 14, 2008, more than two thirds of voters voted to keep him in office. He won presidential elections again in December 2009 with 63% and continued to his second term of presidency.

Morales is an outspoken critic in the UN of countries which are not prepared to limit climate change by holding temperatures to a 1C rise. Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN, Pablo Salon, says his country seeks to achieve harmony with nature, and hinted that mining and other companies would come under greater scrutiny.

In April 2011, the Bolivians drafted a law called the Law of Mother Earth. According to The Guardian:

“The Law of Mother Earth, was agreed by politicians and grassroots social groups, redefines the country’s rich mineral deposits as “blessings” and is expected to lead to radical new conservation and social measures to reduce pollution and control industry”.

The draft then states: “She is sacred, fertile and the source of life that feeds and cares for all living beings in her womb. She is in permanent balance, harmony and communication with the cosmos. She is comprised of all ecosystems and living beings, and their self-organisation.”

Bolivia’s 11 new rights for nature include:

• the right to life and to exist;

• the right to continue vital cycles and processes free from human alteration;

• the right to pure water and clean air;

• the right to balance;

• the right not to be polluted;

• the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered;

• the right of nature “to not be affected by mega-infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and the local inhabitant communities.

President Evo Morales, one of our allies, was the loudest voice, together with the Bolivians present, at the UN General Assembly denouncing privatisation of water last year. He is America’s favorite because the Bolivians rebelled against water privatisation by US corporation Bectal in 2000. At the UN, Morales slammed corporatists and hammered a point that needed to be said: “Water is a basic public need that must not be managed by private interests, it should be available to all the people,” and in challenging the notion that water management by private corporations will  accelerate the process of development, he said “Without water, there can be no food, no life,” he said, “Competition of any sort cannot resolve the issue of poverty.”  He also critisised ‘developed’ countries for failing to adopt a rights approach for mother earth and linked the struggle for environmental and social justice “If we don’t respect the rights of Mother Earth, we cannot respect human rights.”

Morales also drew up a draft UN treaty which would give Mother Earth the same rights as humans, including the right to life, to pure water and clean air.

The South American country wanted the UN to recognize the Earth as a living entity that humans have sought to ‘dominate and exploit’. It aims to establish 11 new rights for nature which include: the right to life and to exist; the right to continue vital cycles and processes free from human alteration; the right to pure water and clean air; the right to balance; the right not to be polluted; and the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered.

With a sound mind and caring heart for Humanity and our planet, is it any wonder why the American corporations with their government need to remove him? Where else can they make that cocaine they put in Coca-cola?

Bolivia, a landlocked south American country, has come through decades of economic and political strife for more than two centuries — and despite colonization, war, and heavy exploitation of the land and people by industry, it is a country that has the vision to chart a brave course of respect for the planet, not a “resource”.

While I do not promote worship on Gaia (Bolivians call her Pachamama), I believe we can all agree that we must love, cherish, honor, respect and care for our planet. We cannot allow greed to continue. For what Evo Morales has done and continue to stand against those who wish to cripple Humanity, Bolivia is an entity worthy of my deepest respect and care.


  1. Dear Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, i came to your website because i was looking for some information from wikileaks from my country Bolivia, and in my very bad english i would like to point out some contradictions in your article, or more correctly some contradictions in Evo Morales government which i once supported just as 53 percent of the country as your article inform, however as last month statistics show that support has reduced to 23 percent, you may think that this is because of American intervention in the media or in politics itself, i won’t doubt that there is intervention in the media and in politics, but the real cause of his today unpopularity has come from mistakes of the government, the first of a series of bad decisions was EL GASOLINAZO, which was an increment on oil prices of 200 percent, which almost made Morales leave office. Nonetheless I’m not here to talk about that specific problem, what i wanted to say was that there is no cult to Pachamama or Gaia (which is not the same thing) here in Bolivia as you mentioned in your article, or at least not as mentioned here, that law is completely bullshit, it is a mask from the government to disguise themselves as defenders of Pachamama or Enviroment, what they say and what they do its completely the opposite, what you are not inform of is about the road that Morales want to built across the TIPNIS, which is the biggest natural reserve or natural park of Bolivia which i would love you could read about, there are indigenous communities that want a road but they don’t want it to pass across the center of the natural reserve, they want it to pass around it, but Morales insist it has to pass through the middle, you may ask yourself why? Well i will tell you why, first of all the road is already paid, Morales hired a Brazilian Company with an overprice on it, secondly with the deforestation and the collateral deforestation of the park, with that territory Morales want to plant coca, because Morales is still the president of the organization of Cocaleros (coca farmers) that impulse Morales to power, and the that coke coca goes to narcos so they can make cocaine out of it , SO MORALES IS NOT ONLY A LIER BUT A VERY BUT LIER WHO DOESNT GOVERN FOR HIS PEOPLE NOR THE INDIGENOUS NOR MYSELF.


  2. Greetings, Jose. Thank you for your sincere response. I am not oblivious of the fact that there are things going on around many countries that are not perfect. I do recognize your grievances. But you seem to not fully understand my article here. I am merely pointing at the fact that USA has no right in meddling in other nations’ affairs. Domestic issues must be dealt with the people running the country with its citizens themselves. I am sure you can agree on that point alone. Now, you gave me a lot of interesting things here. Regarding Pachamama, I wasn’t 100% comparing her to Gaia in the same way the New Age witches and its followers are going at it. But the idea is still the same because it is the name of “Mother Earth” that both groups use. I am not into any ‘worship’ at all. I also wasn’t using it to imply to some Bolivian cult. I think you need to truly get a sense of what I wrote before you judge that. As far as Evo Morales and how he governs Bolivia, these points you wrote are interesting. The experience we have with Evo has nothing to do with everything he does. But the fact remains that if it weren’t for him, my friends who has worked on protecting WATER against privatisation, for assisting in this cause at the international level (UN) and to be given to Humanity is something to be applauded for. I give credit to where credit is due. About his domestic policies, that is for him to deal with. These things you wrote are interesting. We have no problem writing anything that would improve situations in many countries. So I will welcome that you submit an opinion piece if you wish. The 23% poll you gave me, if it is recent, then by all means give me a copy of where that says and I am more than happy to give a supplemental correction. What I have is the widespread knowledge from the west. I welcome fresh data from Bolivia. Regarding the coca, there are many more things underneath that. Let me reiterate again, as far as glancing at the world: THERE ARE NO PERFECT LEADERS. I never made a 100% endorsement of Evo Morales here. I only gave few points that is worth mentioning with just focusing on the international/geopolitical. Kindly do take note of that. What you gave me is domestic. The underlying message of the article you seem to have missed is the US INTERFERENCE ON OTHER NATIONS.

  3. Whether Jewish, Catholic, Evangelist or Muslim, the earliest and most influential written expression of the accepted military/industrial attitude of subjugating the planet and its natural and human resources, instead of living in harmony with nature and each other, appears in these poisonous words from Genesis 1:28 –

    “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it.”

    At this stage in history, this attitude implies more than domination and exploitation. It means destruction of all life on Earth. Now, we must listen to the surviving ‘aboriginal’ cultures and evolve away from our present suicidal mindset, unless we are so blinded by short-term greed that we no longer care, so long as it doesn’t happen to our particular group in our lifetime. For many, it is already happening. We may have passed the point of no return.


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