Unmasking the Unholiness of Dalai Lama

June 29, 2012 (TSR) –  The ongoing veneration for the Dalai Lama is suspicious for some and in the high elite circles, these suspicions are substantiated with evidence and first hand experiences. Rarely do journalists nor anyone who fall for “charms” challenge the Dalai Lama. Despite his frequent claims of peace, the Dalai Lama knew much more about the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s support of Tibetan secessionists in the 1950s and 1960s than he admitted, Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper recent report confirms our own report from December 2011 written by our Founder & Publisher, Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos.

Unmasking the Unholiness of Dalai Lama

The relationship between the Dalai Lama and the CIA was exposed again in a fellow non-propaganda report entitled “Seemingly Sacred”.

According to the report, an emissary of the Dalai Lama first contacted the U.S. through its embassy in New Delhi and consulate in Calcutta in 1951, and both sides discussed U.S. military and financial aid to Tibetan separatists. One of the Dalai Lama’s elder brothers also attended the meetings.

In the same year, the U.S. Defense Department gave the Dalai Lama a letter, in which “light weapons” and “financial aid” were promised to the Tibetan separatist movement, it said.

The Dalai Lama also received 180,000 U.S. dollars a year from the CIA, which was described as “monetary aid for the Dalai Lama” in confidential documents.

TSR Founder and Publisher, Lady Michelle-Jennifer provided the public these confidential documents and photos in her 2011 report exposé here.

The report said the CIA launched “St. Circus Operation” in 1956, which trained Tibetan guerrillas on a South-Pacific island to kill, shoot, lay mines and make bombs.

The CIA also made air drops that provided the guerrillas with machine weapons, ammunition, medicine, and propaganda materials, among others, it said.

According to the newspaper, “The Dalai Lama clearly stood closer to the CIA and knew significantly more than he let on.”

Though the Dalai Lama had always claimed that he only came to know the operations afterwards, it should be no later than 1958 when he was aware of the paramilitary training given by the CIA that was closely linked to poison, killing and other violent acts, it said.

The report said a U.S. movie director, Lisa Cathey, had conducted more than 30 interviews in her shooting of a documentary, CIA in Tibet.

One of those interviewed was a retired CIA agent named John Kenneth Knaus, who was in charge of CIA operations in Tibet and had preserved documents that recorded the training.

The Dalai Lama had met with Knaus twice, once in 1964 and again in the 1990s.

The Dalai Lama apparently hasn’t been honest on whether he knew the CIA’s support to the Tibetan separation, the paper said. Now that with more truth on the Dalai Lama’s relationship with the CIA revealed, a shadow of violence falls on the divine king, it added.

The report called the Dalai Lama “a chess piece of the CIA during the Cold War” and his direct CIA connection does not match his “supreme moral authority.”

Germany’s Der Speigel magazine and the national daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung also carried the story.

Unrest that occurred in the past few years in Tibet was instigated by outside forces and people will not be convinced by the Dalai Lama any more as he is, in fact, a hypocrite, wrote an Internet user, “Reqonquista,” on Der Speigel’s website.

The CIA is an annoying organization that stands behind many subversive movements around the world, another Web user “Green mind” wrote.

The Westerners need to realize that all is not what it seems when mainstream news coming from  CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and their cohorts fabricate and push propaganda to fool the masses. The Dalai Lama isn’t a godlike figure who is committed to world peace as he claims. Instead, he is a separatist disguised as a peace advocate who spent time in affiliating himself to everything that thwart any hope for help and peace for Tibetans. He has made enemies in many circles, including his own people and the Buddhist monks.

Learn about who the Real Dalai Lama is by reading Lady Michelle-Jennifer‘s report: The Great Fake Dalai Lama: The Myth, Hoax and the Luciferian Agenda


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