by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, Founder & Publisher, Political Strategist and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations

June 5, 2012 (TSR) – Syria announced Tuesday its decision to bar a string of American, British, French, Swiss, Spanish and Italian ambassadors as well as commercial attachés from Belgium, Bulgaria and Canada, saying they were “no longer welcome. These several countries targeted by the expulsion order have already pulled their ambassadors from Damascus in late May, but today’s move was symbolic of how far diplomatic ties have disintegrated over the course of the uprising that began last year in March.

The countries are included in the impotent Friends of Syria Group, a group comprising of representatives from more than 60 countries, which was initiated by former French president Nicolas Sarcozy. Its first meeting took place on 24 February in Tunisia. The second meeting took place on 1 April in Istanbul, Turkey.

The group have pledged specific actions to isolate President Bashar Al Assad, including travel bans on regime members, boycotting Syrian oil, ceasing investments, and reducing diplomatic ties – all to kowtow to a 300 member disorganized Syrian National Council.

Here’s something that everyone should know: Since its inception in September 2011, the Syrian National Council has acted as the revolution’s international face and been a contact point for western leaders.

The SNC, whose leaders are largely Syrian exiles, has tried with little success to gather the opposition under its umbrella and has alienated minorities including the Kurds and Alawites, the tiny sect to which Assad belongs. The Alawite community has largely stuck by Assad.

Syrian National Council president Burhan Ghalioun, a Sunni Muslim professor at the Sorbonne in Paris who has led the SNC since its formation, was re-elected to a third, three-month term as head of the Syrian National Council (SNC),  is quitting as he has been criticised by some opposition figures of being too close to the Muslim Brotherhood and of trying to monopolise power.

Unlike Libya’s National Transitional Council, which brought together most factions against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime and was quickly recognised by much of the international community, Syria’s opposition has no leadership on the ground and has not been officially recognised by significant powers. These are the people who are pushing to create more chaos by nagging and whining to USA and the West. While “some” western powers stress the need for a political solution to Syria’s crisis, some Arab states called for varying degrees of military intervention.

Now, you also have an al-Qaida-inspired group, called the al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant. The good news is they claimed responsibility for the killing of 13 people last week in Syria’s eastern Deir al-Zour province, state-run SANA news agency reported.

Anyone getting a Libyan deja vu? Kindly note that Libya right now is in chaos, thanks to these same people who are destabilizing Syria.

This plot is what made non-interventionist UN Security Council veto-wielding members Russia and China become more assertive in protecting Syria’s sovereign rights as a nation.

China and Russia cemented their vows today in preventing another forced regime change and foreign intervention the way US/NATO and their allies did with Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

China, in particular, have become much more outspoken against USA, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state and Europe, who are complicit in assaults against President Bashar al-Assad and calling them on “harboring hegemonistic ambitions” in Syria.

Earlier this year, Beijing’s official Xinhua news agency said that “most of the Arab countries have begun to realise that the US and Europe are hiding a dagger behind a smile. In other words, while they appear to be acting out of humanitarian concern, they are actually harboring hegemonistic ambitions,” it said.

Since no one is really reporting much truth about anything in the western mainstream media, we decided to give you what they don’t want you know: The Persona Non Grata Official Name List courtesy of The Syrian Arab Republic’s Foreign Ministry. (Yes, The Santos Republic is that special. Being a truth messenger do have its little perks. People trust you.)

Persona non grata (Latin, plural: personae non gratae), literally means “an unwelcome person“. It is a legal term used in diplomacy that indicates a proscription against a person entering the country. It is the most serious form of censure which one country can apply to foreign diplomats, who are otherwise protected by diplomatic immunity from arrest and other normal kinds of prosecution.

1. The U.S. Ambassador, Robert Ford, who is recently in his homeland for consultations  – persona non grata.

2. The British Ambassador, Simon Collis, who is recently in his homeland for consultations  – persona non grata.

3. The British Diplomat, Chancellor, Steven Hickey – persona non grata.

4. The Swiss Ambassador, Martin Auschbachar – persona non grata.

5. The Turkish Ambassador, Omer Onhon, and all members of the Turkish Embassy – personae non gratae.

6. The French Ambassador, Eric Chevallier – persona non grata.

7. The French Diplomat, the Second Secretary, Aymeric Amyot d’Inville – persona non grata.

8. The Italian Ambassador Achille Amerio – persona non grata.

9. The Spanish Ambassador, Julio Albi – persona non grata.

10. The Spanish Diplomat, Councilor, Jorge De Lucas Kadenas – persona non grata.

11. The Belgian Charge d’affaires, Arnt Kennis  – persona non grata.

12. The Bulgarian charge d’affaires, Dimitar Michaylov – persona non grata.

13. The Bulgarian Third Secretary, Stoyl Zlatarsky  – persona non grata.

14. The German Military Attache, Uwe Brettschneider  – persona non grata.

15. Assistants of the German Military Attache, Karsten Harwege, Maik Mietho and Jorge Michael Grobman  – personae non gratae.

16. The Canadian Charge d’Affaires and all members of the Embassy – personae non gratae.

The Syrian Arab Republic officially states and believes “in the importance of the standing dialogue, based on the principle of equality and mutual respect among states and that diplomacy is an important tool to communicate with countries to resolve pending disputes and problems. We hope that those countries, which have taken the initiative of this step to adopt these principles in a way that allows the return of relations to normal between the two sides again”.

Norwegian national and head of the 300 member UN observer group, Major General Robert Mood, has confirmed that there are foreign elements intervening that shouldn’t be inside Syria.

The UN is not affected by this. The Syrian government and UN, which launched the Syrian Humanitarian Forum, a gathering of diplomats to negotiate for access, have placed an agreement on the scale, scope and modality for a humanitarian response in Syria. This now resolves visa delays and hassles over customs clearances and how to distribute the supplies.

On March 27, the government and President Bashar al-Assad has agreed to the Kofi Annan Peace Plan, which is fully supported by China and Russia. The six-point peace plan, which went into effect on April 12, calls on all sides to halt the violence and pave the way for a conclusive dialogue between the government and the opposition.

What I find very fascinating in all this is that no one is also giving credit to China. But as usual the only nation on this planet with a solid and reliable non-interventionist foreign policy and have no hegemonic plans is bullied left and right. 

But the world needs to know that it was China who wrote Six Point Peace Plan, which was called The Six Point Vision of China. It was China who issued a six-point statement for the political resolution on the Syrian issue, calling for ceasing all acts of violence, launching an inclusive political dialogue, supporting humanitarian relief efforts,respecting Syria’s sovereignty,welcoming the appointment of the Joint Special Envoy on the Syrian crisis by the UN and theArab League, and maintaining that UN Security Council members should abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the basic norms governing international relations since early March. The text that Kofi Annan is claiming credit on are China’s.

Since no one is doing it, I and The Santos Republic will do it: Thank you for the initiative, China.

Perhaps, this should give a clue why it is being belittled and sabotage by USA since it was implemented. They are on a “Let’s Bully and Provoke China on anything and everything, even if we make up stories” Diet these days.

Russia and China’s stand is to preserve Syria ‘s independence, unity and sovereignty. This is not about supporting al-Assad. They are neutral. What they want is to let the Syrians handle their own internal business and that the international community stop meddling with their affairs.

The infamous “Opposition”, Syrian Free Army, are composed mainly of defected Syrian Armed Forces personnel. Its formation was announced on 29 July 2011 in a video released on the internet by a uniformed group of deserters from the Syrian military who called upon members of the Syrian army to defect and join them.

Col. Riad al-Asaad has stated that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has no political goals except the removal from Syria of president Bashar Assad’s government, and  also claimed that the conflict is not sectarian, that they have in their ranks Alawis who oppose the government, and that there will be no reprisals if it falls. On 23 September 2011, the Free Syrian Army merged with the Free Officers Movement and became the main opposition army group. These defections are a total of circa 40,000 men in its ranks. Then add the 300 member Syrian National Council who do not even live in Syria, but in exile. The thugs, who appear “humanitarian on TV”, in this plot are US, Blackwater, US-led Zionists, Al Qaeda, Wahhabis and a “Third Party’ who are responsible for Houla Massacre for example.


The international community is still trying to revive Annan’s plan. On Monday, the UN Security Council (UNSC) rotating president Li Baodong, also China’s UN ambassador, said all parties concerned should fully support and cooperate with Annan’s mediation efforts, and any words or actions against his mediation should be firmly opposed.

He has urged the Syrian government and the opposition to immediately and fully implement Annan’s six-point plan under the principles of objectivity, fairness and balance, abandon all forms of violence and start the political process as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy on Monday called on the European Union (EU) and Russia to “fully agree” with Annan’s peace plan and to work together to find common approaches to the Syria crisis at a press conference after the 29th Russia-EU summit.

He urged the Syrian government to immediately cease violence and provide full support to the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS).

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday that unfolding events in Syria demonstrated that there is no alternative to Annan’s peace plan, vowing that Moscow will maintain contacts with Syrian authorities and the opposition to facilitate a substantive political dialogue.

China also urged the international community to step up support for Annan’s mediation efforts, and Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said on Monday that all parties in Syria should immediately carry out the UNSC’s resolutions and cooperate with the UNSMIS.

Meanwhile, U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Monday that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Clinton, in her recent discussions with world leaders, has been calling for more pressure on Syrian President Assad to comply with the six-point peace plan.

Earlier, at a meeting of the Arab League foreign ministers in the Qatari capital of Doha on Saturday, the 22-member organization called on the UNSC to set a timetable for the implementation of Annan’s peace plan.

Qatar’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani called on the UNSC to put Annan’s plan under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, a measure that could authorize the use of force.

Uh-oh, right? Qatar, the Switzerland of the Middle East, and in cozy relations with the USA and Israel are making that horrible suggestion again.

All of this would have been easier if this “little” Syrian opposition stop behaving like amateurs and bullies. This is what makes it frustrating for everybody. On Monday,  they have decided to end their commitment to the peace plan and have resumed attacks on some checkpoints, as they “believed” Assad had failed to observe the Friday deadline that they had set to end the violence. Remember the foreign elements are those who terrorize, rape, and kill people that makes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad protective of his people. They are the ones sabotaging any and all political resolution for peace to happen with USA and key allies leading the way. Why? Oh, the usual. Oil, gas, pipelines, etc.

A Little Snapshot of what they do not talk about: The PIPELINES where China is involved in making nations self-sufficient and what USA is doing to stop it. Oh go ahead and viral. Just click on the photo and embed it everywhere.

Again, Libyan deja vu with a twist.

I have this curious thought that is inspired by this Personae Non Gratae List. The Syrian National Council are all in exile already. Has anyone thought of expelling the Syrian Free Army? When there’s clutter and chaos in one’s home, it is always good to do the process of elimination. If 40-50,000 people leave Syria, the 23 MILLION SYRIANS WHO LOVE THEIR PRESIDENT will be extremely happy and peaceful. Bashar al-Assad had 11 MILLION came out to support in one Pro-Assad rally alone. I am quite sure the Syrians know how to throw a great party for World Peace.

Where would these people go? How about USA? They have experience in adopting dissidents and sometimes even recycle them to be mercenaries or tools for forced regime change. Since 2011, it is very evident that America is preferring to be the Devil on this planet. In 21st Century generation terms, a ‘party pooper’.


AUTHOR: Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos

Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos is the Founder & Publisher of The Santos Republic, Political Strategist and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations involve in brokering peace in the Middle East since 2011. She is the recipient of 2010 and 2011 Tripbase Blog Award for The Universal Fusionist. TRIPBASE’s judging panel for this category, represented a fair cross-section of political views and no bias entered the review process, reviewed hundreds of sites from across the Internet and was hand-selected her blog as the best ten around the world. Her blog has been featured in CNBC, CBS and AOL News and is considered in the TOP 10 ELITE RANK of all world politics blog. For her bio, click here.



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