H.E. General Michael Suleiman, President of the Lebanese Republic in his Presidential office

May 31, 2012 (TSR) – H.E. General Michael Suleiman, President of the Lebanese Republic on Thursday deplored the rising rate of crimes, especially kidnappings along the Lebanese-Syrian borders and urged the Syrian side to release the two Lebanese farmers who were abducted a day earlier in the northern border region of al-Abboudiyeh, the National News Agency reported.

According to the NNA, the media office of the president issued a statement in which Suleiman said “the rise in the rate of kidnappings and killings along the Lebanese-Syrian border is rejected.”

The two men were kidnapped by five armed men who crossed into Lebanon from across the Syrian border, while they were working on the land.

Scores of Lebanese border town residents on Thursday blocked off a road leading to Syria, protesting the kidnappings. Some pitched tents and used sandbags to block the road, demanding that Mohammed Yassin al-Merebi and Mahdi Hamdan be set free.

Suleiman urged the Lebanese and Syrian authorities to carry out necessary investigations regarding the issue to “halt any recurrence.”

H.E. General Michael Suleiman, President of the Lebanese Republic in his Presidential office

“Respecting Lebanon and Syria’s sovereignty falls in the best interest of the security and peace of both countries,” the president said, adding “appropriate investigations should be held into these incidents, whether on the Lebanese or Syrian sides, in an attempt to clarify the image of what really happened and to prevent such violations from reoccurring.”

At another level, the President held talks on most recent developments with Baabda interlocutors.

Economy Minister Nicholas Nahhas met with the President over the nation’s economic situation and his ministry’s most recent activities.

Labor Minister Salim Jreissati also had an audience with the President on steps adopted by the ministry to thrash out existing problems between institutions and laborers.

The President later tackled local developments with MP Mohammad Hajjar, and the security situation with General Security Chief, Major General Abbas Ibrahim.



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