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Nov. 5, 2011 (TSR) –  Whoever said that all is fair in love and war must be someone who has no heart and conscience. When real love is found, it is engraved in our Souls and it is something so special to all of us, both emotionally and physically, that it touches our lives and enriches us forever. However, in the world of public life, all that is sacred and true, are met by resistance. Here, we find a different twist to our Gaddafi tale where top model, Vanessa Hessler’s (23) passionate feelings of love and honesty has now become a business and political issue.

I know this very well first hand. Mine has become a national security issue to say the least and amusingly considered as a weapon of mass destruction. Thus, I can truly relate to this pain this young lady is going through. I am sure that if her and I form a club, the United Nations Security Council will the mandate of NO FLY ZONE for how we strongly feel for people, stamped of course by France, UK and USA.

It is a sad world when when people say the right and truthful things and being punished for it. We have seen this over and over all year.  People prefer to see another person’s demise and downfall, rather than be rejoice with them when they succeed. The more they see others are in pain, the more people are happy about it. If they are true to themselves, they get punished for it, yet the “democracy” model hails “individuality”. The paradox of our world, indeed. Here is a bitter snapshot truth of how the world deals with honest people.

On Nov 1, 2011, German Telecommunications firm Telefonica Germany and its subsidiary, Alice, cancelled a major advertising lucrative contract with the PRADA top Italian-American model after she described her passionate relationship with her former boyfriend and first love Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Muatassim (34) and national security advisor, and praised the Gaddafi family for being just like any normal family.

There are many layers to this that the mainstream media is not talking about. I am not in the fashion industry, so I got the better advantage: Political and business point of view with a touch of class, of course.  

Telefónica Germany is a brand company under the umbrella of Telefónica headquartered in Spain, a NATO member. They are a 100% private company and stands in fifth position in the sector Telco worldwide in terms of market capitalisation the 1st as an European integrated operator and in third position in the Eurostoxx 50 ranking, composed of the major companies in Europe (June 30st 2011). With presence in Europe, Africa and Latin America, they operate in 25 countries. As of June 2011, Telefónica’s total number of customers amounted to 295 millions.

Yet this impressive company boasts and claim that their business principle are “structured in a series of General Principles, based on: honesty, integrity and trust, respect for the law and for human rights. These general principles can be broken down into other more specific ones, in order to assure the trust of our customers, professionals, shareholders, suppliers and society in general.”

Isn’t it wonderful to know the smell of HYPOCRISY when you sniff one? We learned this all year. In my book, it is not Ms. Hessler who has been damaged here. (Alright, those die-hard Hessler fans, feel free to donate some money because my political strategy head is working now with a lot of ideas to counter-act this outside fashion world.) Whoever advised the company to do this decision was clueless, and does not practice what they preach. Let us say it was not due to stupidity.

Muatassim was captured and shot to death by Libyan rebels on October 20, the same day his father, Muammar, was murdered in Sirte ordered by USA, as we exclusively reported when I communicated Gaddafi’s family, attorney and intel agencies on ground.

Born to an American father and Italian mother, Hessler lived in Rome until she was 8 before moving to Washington, D.C. She became a model at 15 and returned to Italy to begin work. In 2008, she appeared alongside Gerard Dépardieu  and plays Greek princess, Irina in the film Asterix at the Olympic Games (French: Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques). Hessler also appeared in the 2005 film Christmas in Miami (Italian: Natale a Miami), along with Christian De Sica, and consequently her popularity soared. She also plays the leading female role in Per Una Notte d’Amore (English: For a Night of Love), which was filmed in Italy and released in 2008 as a 2 part TV special.


Here are Muatassim’s last public message to Humanity:
(R.I.P. PEACE WARRIOR: April 19th 1977 – October 20, 2011)

People of the world! 

We ask you to form a worldwide front against war and NATO.

 A front that is governed by the wise.

A front that will bring reform and order and new institutions that would replace the now corrupt. 

These words come to you from those who struggle to survive under NATO’s massive criminal bombardments.

 Our plight is not covered by Western corporate media.
We are simple people who chose principles over fear.
We have suffered crimes and sanctions, mass murder and looting, which we consider the true weapons of mass destruction.
We have endured weeks and months of agony and despair, while the condemned UN traded with our oil revenues in the name of ‘protecting civilians’.
Over 60,000 innocents have died while waiting for a light at the end of a tunnel that has no end, save for the colonization of our country and the theft of our resources.
After the crimes of the administrations of France and Britain in Libya, we have chosen our future.
It is the future of every resistance struggle in the history of humankind.
It is our duty as well as our right to fight back against the forces of colonization and to hold their nations morally and economically responsible for what their elected governments have destroyed and stolen from our land.
We have not crossed the oceans and seas to occupy Britain or France. Nor are we responsible for Europe’s economic crisis, which they attempt to ease through theft of our sovereign wealth.
These criminals have tried to conceal their true plans for the control and monopoly of the energy resources of the world, in the presence of the threat of an expanding power in China and a strong unified Africa.
It is ironic that the Libyans are to bear the full burden of this immense and ever-deepening conflict on behalf of the rest of this sleeping world!
We do not require arms or fighters for we have plenty.
We ask you to form a worldwide front against war and NATO. A front that is governed by the wise. A front that will bring reform and order and new institutions that would replace the now corrupt.
Stop dealing with France, the USA, Britain, Qatar and the UAE. Reduce or halt your consumption of their products and propaganda. Put an end to them before they destroy the entire world.
Educate those in doubt of the true nature of this conflict.
Do not believe their corporate media lies.
Casualties of their special forces on the ground and their Libyan puppets are far higher than they admit.
We only wish we had more cameras to show the world their true defeat. 
The enemy is on the run. They are in fear of a resistance movement they can neither see nor predict.
We now choose when, where, and how to strike.
And as our ancestors ignited the first flame of civilization, we will now redefine the word “conquest.”
Today we write a new chapter in the arts of urban warfare.
Know that by helping the Libyan people you are helping yourselves, for tomorrow may bring the same destruction to you. This conflict is not a localized war.
Helping the Libyan people does not mean making new deals and contracts with France, the USA, Britain, Qatar and the UAE.
Isolate them.
Neither can the world remain hostage to their control of the UN to cover their crimes and theft.
The sooner a global revolutionary movement is born, the sooner their fall.

“I didn’t have contact with him since the uprising broke out, but our relationship was one of passion. It was a passionate story, we were together for four years,” said the 23-year-old model in the interview, which appeared in the Nov. 1 issue of Italian weekly Diva e Donna.

Vanessa and Mutassim in Porto Cervo 2008

“I don’t want to think about the fact that it is true,” said Hessler of Muatassim’s death. She further said the Gaddafi family had not been portrayed accurately and she had met “normal people” among them. “We (USA) – France and Britain – financed the rebels. The people don’t know what they are doing,” Hessler added in the interview.

“Vanessa Hessler has failed to distance herself from her comments on the conflict in Libya,” Telefónica spokesman Albert Fetsch said in a statement. According to the Daily Mail, Hessler is known simply as “Alice” in German households; she blankets the country in billboards for the telecom company. Fetsch said Hessler’s likeness will be removed from all of its ads. “Vanessa Hessler’s relationships are private business,” the company’s PR department tweeted. “However we cannot accept her comments on the Lybia [sic] conflict.”

Successful Italian-American top model Vanessa Hessler, who stands 5-foot-10, with breast-length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes and size-2 angel face has walked the runway for Prada’s Fall/Winter 2010 show, appearing in campaigns and starred in TV commercials for Armani, Calvin Klein, L’Oréal, Ferrero SpA, Korff, Fendi, Gattinoni and Gilli, Baby Star, and Nara Camicie as well as in a print campaign for Guess. A household name in France and Italy, she is a regular on the social scene, appearing at store openings in Paris and London and at premieres at the Cannes Film Festival. She has even rubbed elbows with Nicolas Sarkozy, appearing onstage with him at a Christmas-tree-lighting ceremony in 2007 at the Elysée Palace in Paris.

Perhaps you noticed the backdrop, the highlighted name and read our report. For those of us, we know who triggered this, don’t we? Very predictable.

In the Italian interview, Hessler was further described as “crying for Libya,” and she told the magazine that the rebels are “people who don’t know what they’re doing.”

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen. The supermodel got fired for being honest, intelligent, impartial, and astute regarding geopolitical issues. It is fascinating when you read the tabloids how they feasted on this and said that fashion executives are now distancing themselves from her. Well, if that is true, then we welcome Ms. Hessler to blog with us and show off her brains, which we find as the sexiest feature on a woman anyway. Add honesty to that, you can just imagine how this angel threatened Sarcozy’s super-Ego and lies. But TRUTH is TRUTH. It is not to be sugarcoated. Fashion industry prefer the “image” at all cost. In The Santos Republic world, we prefer being human and forthright because we want to change this world. We want to allow people to be themselves. It’s not like Ms. Hessler took out her bra and burned it. She did it with grace and dignity, by someone who is deeply hurt knowing her first love was framed, and murdered over lies, greed and corruption. She is not alone being wronged right now. We are grateful she came out. I am still grieving over the 67 colleagues, 30 staff and my missing mentor/brother because of Libya nonsense.

Hessler said in 2008 that she wanted to prove her worth beyond being a pretty face: “Everyone sees you as merely another pretty face, and I work really hard every day to show I am more than that.” And she is based on what she’s done!

Yes, I confirm it with her: They have no clue what they were doing. Stay tuned as we are working very hard in doing the FACTUAL narrative as I was involved with this and knew about this since January while working with Egypt. Here, have a laugh on what I think of the three (3).

Stay strong and be in the path of TRUTH. There are people in much outrage and mourning with you. You don’t need to hide who you are. There are people like you and are embracing you. It is time that people do and say what is right. Sometimes, you have to follow your conscience. That is just being real. If people don’t want to hire you for being you, then they are the problem. No consumer would want to buy a product from a company who does not care for their own clients. If I was your strategist, this is not a loss. This is an amazing advantage and for me is a victory. It is up to you what you do with this. You  are now a catalyst for change that is needed in your industry. Be proud. I am. I am a firm believe that love conquers all. It is not meant to be compromised. That is what is fair and right.


AUTHOR: Lady Michelle Jennifer Santos – TSR Founder & Publisher and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations (BIOGRAPHY here.)


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