Oct 12, 2011 (TSR) – Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (and his Zionist buddies) finally grew up. It took a second term in office,  30 months and 10 days as prime minister to act like man and negotiate with Hamas for the release of Galid Shalit, an Israeli solider held in captivity by Hamas for 5 years, in exchange for 1027 Palestinians. There is a lot to celebrate from the Palestinian side.

Of course, Netanyahu is not a happy camper. In both his terms, Netanyahu has been forced to agree to such deals. In the first, in 1997, he had no choice but to free Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in order to bring back home the two Mossad agents involved in the botched assassination attempt against Khaled Mashal in Jordan.

Now that this chapter about to close, he may actually have time to listen to the Israeli population’s outcry regarding resolving housing, unemployment and health care issues, instead of going with their plans with US of destabilizing the entire Middle East.

The families involved may not care about the political repercussions, so it is just fair to warn those who support the plight of the Palestinians, know that this may be used as an excuse to create more difficulty in peace negotiations because Zionists do not like it when they get embarrassed and Hamas becomes more popular like we have seen with the glorious speech done by Mahmoud Abbas at the UN they are still basking. Note that this victory came about that pressure. Netanyahu has to do something to relieve the pressure cooker.

Libya has a lot to learn from this, with their capture of NATO and their Libyan RATS.

In my point of view, it is one of those moments where you can consider this as healthy public relations. For now, this calls for celebration for all sides, with the world with them.

Well done, Prime Minister. It is one of those rarest things you have ever done: Do the right thing with honor.

NOTE: MEMO: Marwan Barghouti, a charismatic leader of the Fatah faction serving five life prison terms, and Ahmed Saadat will not be freed. The top Palestinian leaders in Israeli prisons are not part of a mass prisoner swap agreed with Hamas, the head of Israel’s Shin Bet spy agency said.

– Lady MJ Santos



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