Here is a parody of Obama´s first 100 days solving U.S. Economic Crisis by lobbying a $900bn (now $787bn) stimulus package penned by Democrats that our very own Publisher, MJ Santos, wrote and performed. We are proud to let you know that Fox news picked this song up and even asked Ms. Santos to perform live on their business news show. There’s more coming from our prodigy. We hope you like it. Share it to your friends, God knows, we are going to have issues with these stimulus packages for quite awhile.

This music was done in fast production, all via internet and Oscar-winner for Braveheart film music, Glenn Longacre mixed it for Ms. Santos. Mr. Longacre worked with Ms. Santos favorite artist, Michael Jackson. How cool is that, folks?

Alright, we are not in the business of celeb drooling. There are better things to talk about like how America is about to get in trillion dollars deficit…that is like the end of the world!

Copies can be purchased soon through iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and Napster–Available for worldwide distribution, just look for MJ Santos.


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