H1N1 virus.

Aug. 18, 2014 (TSR) – An advanced disinfection technology that can kill 99.8% of H1N1 flu virus within an hour both in the air, and on all surfaces will soon be made available to home devices.

LEE ANTIMICROBIAL SOLUTIONS LLC (“LAMS”), the Inventor of Patented Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) Technology and a Leader in Environmental Disinfection Device Design, will soon offer their DHP technology in a device developed for home use. LAMS develops DHP technology for commercial disinfection to control harmful germs, inhibit mold growth, improve indoor surface and air quality, and make these environments healthier.

DHP Technology, now being installed in the first hospitals, is a breakthrough Environmental Disinfection Technology that makes new microbial control strategies possible; killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi like black mold and mildew; both in the air, and on all surfaces in the area that air can reach.

DHP Technology’s distinguishing feature, though, is that it can be used continuously in occupied spaces. As a result, it not only disinfects contamination reservoirs, but also starts disinfecting microbes as soon as they are deposited on a surface. This makes it perfect for disinfecting places that are not routinely cleaned, places that are missed during cleaning, and places where microbes are deposited between routine cleanings.

LAMS’ DHP Technology produces Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide that is not mixed with water, and the amount contained in a volume of air is hundreds of times less than is naturally found in an equal volume of human lung moisture. “Most people are surprised to learn that we all naturally make DHP in our lungs,” said James D. Lee, P.E., inventor of DHP Technology and a graduate of West Point. “But we all do, and our lungs naturally regulate DHP.”

“DHP Technology has demonstrated the ability to kill 99.8% of H1N1 flu virus in the first sixty minutes of use, and 95.15% of MRSA (with soil load) in the first six hours.”

“DHP is literally produced from small amounts of humidity and oxygen in the air, so there are no solutions or bottles to purchase, and when DHP breaks down after a short time, it leaves behind only the same humidity and oxygen from which it was made,” continued Lee, “but the technology continuously replaces old DHP with new DHP to provide 24/7/365 disinfection.”

DHP Technology has demonstrated the ability to kill 99.8% of H1N1 flu virus in the first sixty minutes of use, and 95.15% of MRSA (with soil load) in the first six hours, and keeps on working, steadily killing microbes in the air and on all surfaces throughout an entire area at the same time.

Analysis of the death toll of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic had killed more Americans than other parts of the world and the death toll was much higher than was thought, GuardianLV reported last year. Researchers figure it was about 203,000 deaths world-wide, but possibly twice more than that if a person counted those who had complications due to the H1N1 influenza virus, such as heart problems.
The hardest hit populations in the U.S. were young healthy children, young adults, teenagers and especially pregnant women.
Researchers are still trying to figure out why the pandemic of H1N1 influenza killed more Americans than other countries. Nobody knows exactly why Americans were hit harder than Europeans, and it can not be explained whether there was better health care in one place to another either, GuardianLV added.

“We’re excited to begin producing the new Evrest DHP device,” said Douglas Bosma, SVP at and R&D Director at LAMS. “Ever since we began developing DHP Technology people have been asking us how soon they can get one for their homes. They’re going to love it.”

The new EVREST home unit with robust DHP technology will be available for pre-order in August 2014.

The EPA regulates DHP technology in the same category as air purifiers.

You can learn about LAMS’ DHP environmental disinfection technology by visiting its website http://leeantimicrobial.com/ and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/leeantimicrobial.

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