Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with Al-Mayadeen News: "The current Ruling Global Order is the cause of the world's woes.

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September 26, 2012 (TSR) – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made the remark in a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the sidelines of 67th UN General Assembly annual meeting on Sunday.

Pointing to the fact that what proposed in Tehran NAM summit was the concern of the nations, Dr. Ahmadinejad stated that reforms of the structure of the UN can be realized through close and constant cooperation of Non-Aligned Movement and the UN.

Emphasizing on the necessity of enhancing relationships and cooperation between Non-Aligned Movement and the United Nations concerning reformation of inefficient structure of global management, the president expressed: “Effective steps should be taken for reforming the structure of UN in order to install a fair and democratic framework at the UN so that UN General Assembly and UN Secretary General will be enabled to fulfill their missions.

On Syria crisis, president referred to putting forth the Syria issue in the 16th NAM summit in Tehran and said: “clashes in Syria must be stopped as soon as possible, and two sides should restore the negotiations based on justice of the involved parties in Syria.”

Dr. Ahmadinejad considered the proposal on setting up a contact group for Syria crisis – posed in Tehran NAM summit- as positive and specified: “It is our attempt to have other states joined the proposal of the Egyptian president, and I hope Mr. Al Akhdar Al Ebrahimi collaborate with this group to play in Syria issue actively and effectively.”

Referring to the fact that continuing the status quo in Iran’s nuclear issue does not benefit anyone, President Ahmadinejad said that removing the ambiguities in this regard will surely help to resolving the current stalemate in Iran’s nuclear talks and will help the negotiating sides to more easily achieve results.

Contributions to resolve the misunderstandings would be more effective in this connection, and the questions and concerns of the parties would reach the answers more easily based on mutual co operations for sure.”

Commenting on the Zionist regime’s threats against Iran, he pointed out that IR Iran does not believe that the threats should be responded with threats, but these threats should be condemned.

“Islamic Republic of Iran is fully ready to defend itself. The situation which allows the Zionist regime to threat other nations repeatedly should be reformed”, he explained.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for his part hailed Iran for successful holding of the NAM Summit in August in Tehran.

“My meeting with the (Supreme) Leader of the Islamic Revolution (Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei) was a memorable one,” he noted.

UN Chief termed Iran as few countries that play a crucial role in resolving the Syrian crises.

He noted that the UN special envoy in Syria affairs, Lakhdar Brahimi is willing to cooperate with Iran on forming a contact group for resolving the Syrian crisis.

Ban called on Iran to support Brahimi in fulfilling his mission in Syria.

September 24, 2012: Interview with Al-Mayadeen News

Referring to the fact that on Monday, there is a public awakening in international arena, and we have to attach more value to these rather than the other events, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated: ‘there appears to be a greater fundamental event in international arena, and that is change of nations’ viewpoints and approaches toward global issues and interrelations of the states.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with Al-Mayadeen News: “The current Ruling Global Order is the cause of the world’s woes.

Answering to a question on the sensitive international circumstances, and the possibility of conclusion of a moderate solution meanwhile, Dr. Ahmadinejad clarified in the first day of presence in New York in an interview with Al-Mayadeen News Network that the current ruling order in the world is unilateral, and it is based on this kind of order that some let themselves transgress the others’ properties and territories. “There is, however, an international public awakening which requires us to pay more attention to it rather than other events”, he added.

“Many case and passing events happened throughout the history, and they are all transient, but what plays as determinant in the future is internal events of the nations which direct them toward a common point”, the president stated.

Answering a question on ongoing drills in the Persian Gulf, the president expressed: “holding states of these exercises announced clearly that it does not address Iran, however, we are well aware that some try to display their power via these measures, but that is not of importance to us and is not of any particular consequence to Tehran.”

“The Zionist regime enjoys an adventurous state. It has triggered five wars over the past 65 years in the region, and this is their regional mission. They would not be able to take any considerable measure for sure, and the Islamic Republic of Iran neither assigns them in its equations, nor attaches any significance to them”, he continued.

Dr. Ahmadinejad stated on the question regarding the possibility of his criticism over functions of global power and wealth entities as the president of NAM this year that the problems today world faces are problems of all nations, and the ruling global order as the cause of many problems has affected all countries.

“All NAM member states reached a consensus on the globally important issues in a friendly setting. Many issues desired to Tehran got favored by the other members as concerning matters as well, and I will propose these issues in the meeting of the UN General Assembly on behalf of NAM member states. The outcome of the 16th NAM summit in Tehran was comprehensive and capable of meeting the requirements of today world”, the president specified.

On a question about how to keep viewpoints of NAM members –as compromise two third of the UN members- close, Dr. Ahmadinejad expressed: “the current issues of the world are of two types; fundamental and subsidiary. Should the fundamental issues resolved, the latter will be solved as well.”

“Most of the inconsiderable matters among the nations stem from misunderstandings, and this is caused by existing distances among the countries. These matters will be solved through holding negotiations among different states.”

Stating that the Zionist regime is not comparable to Iran but receives global support, Dr. Ahmadinejad specified:” It is the Zionist regime’s desire to strike other countries such as Iran, but even international conditions do not allow such a thing. We also consider the ongoing Persian Gulf exercise as ostensive and null.”

Answering a question on his expectations and predictions for the winner of the US presidential election, the Iranian president explained: ” The American people should made decision in this connection; we, however, have every confidence that no one today in the world welcomes war and aggression, for whole people in the world and even in the United States will suffer from its consequences; the world do not accept another new war.”

Concerning a question on occurring wide changes in Arab nations and emerging new Iran-supported governments, the premier said that we believe all regions such as ours should be run by the regional nations themselves, since the people within a region enjoy brotherhood, and are able to resolve every matter in a friendly state.

“Ignorance provides the enemy with an opportunity to use. A number of Zionists apparently threaten Iran, but the truth is all states of the region are in danger, because the arrogant powers tend to keep nations under their control. They lust for wealth and properties of nation; they planned for us”, he added.

“All countries even the Islamic ones are in need of reforms, and no one is exception in this regard. The dignity of people in our Muslim countries needs to be preserved. They are entitled to enjoy freedom and basic rights, and take part in the governing affairs of their countries”, he continued.

“We should make reforms based on our culture, local beliefs, and free from any interference and plots of aliens. People can protect their territories best if they play effective role in running their countries.”

“All nations are in need of each other. They should resolve the problems with mutual understanding and sympathy. These are international principles. No country has right to stand against another one, and that is the sole way of attaining common and general prosperity”, the president expressed.

Stressing the fact that personal and historical conflicts intertwine Syria circumstances, Dr. Ahmadinejad explained: “war is not an appropriate solution to resolve the problems, because war never goes to end; both involved sides attempt to conquer the opposite, and this continues in this way.”

Pointing to holding foreign ministerial meeting in Cairo to find out a solution to Syria crisis, the president stated that we, according to the statement issued at NAM summit in Tehran, make every attempt to make a contact group in order for the parties to conflict in Syria to negotiate, and hopefully, some countries like Pakistan and Iraq may get the chance to contribute in this connection. Finding out a solution to Syria crisis is counted as a moral and humanitarian duty, and it seems aliens are not in favor of resolving current matters in Syria.

Answering a question on aliens’ attempts to develop Iran phobia and religious conflicts, the Iranian president reiterated: “there are high capacity in the culture and beliefs of the nations in the region to negotiate; although governments may disagree on the issue, the authorities of the nations are expected to contribute problems to be solved based on the aforementioned capacity and common understanding.”

On the insolence made to the prophet Mohammad (PBUH), president Ahmadinejad said: “Many countries will certainly take stance against it. This stems from Zionist to survive through these controversies. Iran will definitely condemn this issue in the UN General Assembly, and will call for a halt to blasphemies.”

Dr. Ahmadinejad clarified on the possibility of direct confrontation of Syria and Turkey: “That is not highly probable, for it entails disadvantages for Turkey. Aliens of course seek chaos for the region, and nations should be alert to the possible plots.”

On Syria crisis and its impacts upon resistance spirit in the future the president specified that resistance has turned into a public matter, and most of the people in the region do not agree on the Zionist acts. All regional nations support the rights of Palestinians, and stand against realization of the goals of the Zionist regime.


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