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Zionists, Neocons and Hollywood: Packaging Propaganda and LIES Through Blockbuster Movies

Publisher‘s Note: One of my visions for The Santos Republic is expose propaganda and show the TRUTH behind the ‘truth’. Much of the media have been effective tools and it purposely targets the youth these days. Movies and videogames have been extremely calculated in order to brainwash people into full acceptance of their agenda: To further degenerate our societies, be in constant subliminal fear and insecurity and chase egotistical whims within the illusory materialistic sphere. There are even those whom many think spread ‘truth’ are actual distributors of psyops and disinformation in order to corral people into groups to be harvested by different groups. This little analysis here is a prime example of the Zionist/Neoconservative agenda of subliminally mandate War on Terror and brainwash the entire planet that USA is the Savior and ONLY Empire that all must bow to. After the sanctioned murder of Muammar Gaddafi, Hollywood released a comedy by Baron Cohen called “The Dictator” to add more insult to the illegally attacked and injured Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’s pride. Knowing full well what truly happened to Libya and Gaddafi, when I saw the trailer, I was disgusted at how low they would go. Fortunately, the movie was banned from some countries. China signed a deal with Dreamworks. I hope that they read my warning, be careful and have astute advisors, as China may get hijacked under their nose without even knowing it. There’s nothing wrong with innocent entertainment, however, much of the mainstream movies, its contents are questionable and undeniably have calculated propaganda in them. The regular folks won’t notice it much, and therefore it is extremely important that there are trusted buffers in every country who are possible targets by these greedy Corporatists that control politicians and their lackeys. Sadly, not many are good at something like that. It is a highly specialized skill. Real political strategists are a whole different breed. There’s no school for what people like us do. They have one so far, but it’s all theoretical. We will do more from time to time in stripping the propaganda that mainstream media are using to deceive and brainwash people. It is time to really wake up and protect our civilization from further decay.


September 9, 2012 (TSR) – Bush era in the White House is notorious for the expansionist policies of the former US president in the international arena and also for the blind support for Zionist crimes.

Nevertheless, in another particular area, too, George W Bush administration earned a bad reputation which was the growing Zionist influence on Hollywood.

The Bush era, during which the whole world became contaminated with war and bloodshed, has now come to an end but its portrayal in cinema and TV productions deserve a closer look.

The way he was portrayed in Hollywood productions is a token of a politics-minded cinema industry which has tried to use Bush’s picture as a cultural and propaganda tool to spread the influence of Zionists and realize their wishes.

Eight years of Bush presidency coincided with such globally significant events as the 9/11 attacks which was later manipulated by Hollywood to produce numerous films to advance White House policies and global Zionism by promoting a genre branded as ‘terrorism’.

The productions in this genre particularly focused on World Trade Center attacks in an attempt to convey their own message and link the attacks to Muslim and independent countries.

However, the attempts were unsuccessful since the movies produced were quite cheap and superficial by attempting to twist the truth, resulting in the failure of the genre.

Inventing American heroes and concentrating on a doomsday theme, which tried to introduce the US as the ‘savior’, was the centerpiece of most Hollywood productions in the past few years.

The movie ‘I Am Legend’, starring the prominent black actor Will Smith whose role in the film contributed significantly in its box office success, dwelt on the same theme and was chosen as the Film of the Year in 2007 in Northern America.


America has been inserting to youth and people’s minds around the world that THEY are the Savior of this planet – the coolest that’s ever existed, and everyone else are just meaningless. The Zionist/NeoCon subliminal message has always been “Our blood is above everybody else, so when we kill you, we are doing the world a favor.” I highly recommend that when watching this movie, I AM LEGEND, to understand the hidden messages, in particular the chemical warfare and every other symbolism. Use it as practice and compare it what is going on in the world. Remember that will always use ‘blockbuster’ celebs and crew since they have their Sheeples. In turn, these Sheeples are their evangelists. – Lady MJ Santos

Other similar productions, including ‘Batman’, ‘Hancock’ and ‘Cloverfield’, too, just betrayed Hollywood’s obsession with the theme.

With his dark record and irrational remarks about independent and anti-US nations during two terms in office, Bush, more than any of his predecessors, managed to register himself as the central topic with many world directors.

Even a number of independent American directors, despite the great displeasure of Zionist media corporations and the Hollywood godfathers, produced movies with Bush as the leading character. Just as an example, the well-known director Michael Moore made a documentary criticising Bush’s policies that provoked a huge wave of controversy worldwide and even affected the Oscars.

During the Bush presidency, Hollywood Zionists thought only of making more and more profits at any cost.

So they never hesitated to deny due payments and financial interests of actors, scriptwriters and other agents who worked hard to market their production.

Encouraging moral corruption among actors and actresses, producing violent films and making movies to promote the notion of Holocaust were among the attempts of Zionist elements in Hollywood cinema industry to advocate Zionist policies.

Hollywood developed a dark history of stained records by misrepresenting Muslim and independent nations and distorting other countries’ cultures and history.

It tried to fulfill its mission of deceiving the audience by portraying a faked ‘good’ image of the Zionist racists.

In the era of Obama, the story is not better than before.

Source: Qods

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