People suspected of practicing witchcraft are being burned alive.

August 27, 2012 (TSR) – A House committee wants the government to enforce the Witchcraft Act to deter people in the Coastal region from practising witchcraft. A joint committee on National Security and equal opportunity also wants leaders in the region to prioritise the sensitisation and continued persuasion of the indigenous people against embracing retrogressive, negative and harmful traditional practices.

People suspected of practicing witchcraft are being burned alive.

These are some of the recommendations contained in the report of the committee tabled in the House yesterday by Nominated MP Mohammed Affey. The report is a result of investigations ordered by House Speaker Kenneth Marende. Marende directed the committee to conduct an inquiry into the activities of the Mombasa Republican Council and investigate their grievances.

Affey, who was the joint chair of the committee with Fred Kapondi, tabled the report in the House yesterday in which the committee recommends that the government accelerates land adjudication and issuance of title deeds to legitimate land owners at the coast. The committee also wants the government to hasten the enactment and implementation of the Community Land Bill in order to address the perennial land ownership and the management questions in the region.

“The government must facilitate the identification and settlement of genuine landless squatters in the coast region and set a re-caveat for a reasonable duration to stem hurried sale of land,” the report says. The committee further wants the ministry of education to constitute a task force to investigate and ascertain the emergent causes for the steady deterioration and disinterest in embracing formal education in the coast region.

The committee wants the government to intensify investigations on alleged sponsors of the MRC with a view to swiftly bringing them to account on crimes related to promoting illegal activities, including incitement to violence.

Source: The (Nairobi) Star



There is a video that has been online for a while, first it had the tag “Christians Burning people alive in Kenya suspected of witchcraft … and the reason: they did not acknowledge Jesus Christ as their God”. Then the video resurfaced online again but tagged as “Christians burnt alive by Sunni Muslims in NIGERIA”.

This came few months after the above still image of dead bodies which resulted from a Congo gas tanker explosion was tagged “Christians being burned alive by Muslims in Ivory Coast”, and at a point both the still image and the video were linked together as the same incident. It even had the same write up which this new video has, it reads

“Posted by Jillian Becker in Africa, Arab States, Christianity, Christians burnt alive by Sunni Muslims, Islam, Muslims, jihad)…..PLEASE SHARE IT OR JUST UPLOAD YOUR OWN…BUT SOMEHOW SPREAD IT IF YOU’RE EVEN 1% CHRISTIAN — It is still not over yet!”

It’s appalling that a jobless person just sits around and tries to start up religious war in different countries, spreading disinformation, or maybe it’s just poor journalism. Whichever way it seems that the video of the incident matched that which occurred in Kenya back in 2008/2009 when some suspected witches and wizards were beaten and burned alive, but the incident recorded in the video was a result of Christian/ Muslim differences as claimed.


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