What the mainstream media does not show the world: Syrian Arab Army are protecting the people from terrorists funded and supported by USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar

August 5, 2012 (TSR) – The Syrian armed forces in Aleppo on Sunday continued hunting down fleeing members of the Gulf and Turkish terrorist militias in a number of neighborhoods in the city, in reference to the Western and Arab-backed rebels that have recently been reportedly re-enforced with foreign and Arab fighters, according to SANA.

What the mainstream media does not show the world: Syrian Arab Army are protecting the people from terrorists funded and supported by USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar

Quoting a source in Aleppo, the state-run news agency SANA said residents of al-Sayyed Ali neighborhood district repelled the terrorist militias and drove them out of the area.

SANA source said the Syrian armed forces troops confronted and killed gunmen and armed groups, including Afghanis, who had been stationed in the area around the Faculty of Science in the city of Aleppo.

In the area of al-Kawakibi park, the armed forces carried out a “qualitative operation” in chasing the Gulf and Turkish terrorist militias,  killing a large number of their members, according to the SANA source.

He also mentioned that the authorities succeeded, in cooperation with the residents, to eliminate the terrorists stationed in the area of Saif al-Dawleh market.

The source pointed out that the bodies of Turks were among the dead.

Syria has for long said that a third party has joined the battles in Syria, adding that foreign intelligence and Arab extremists have become part of the daily cycle of violence.

Tens of Terrorists Killed of Arms Store Explosion in Homs

In central Homs province, meanwhile, an arms store used by armed groups as a hideout was blasted Sunday in Jouret Ashayah neighborhood, killing many terrorists, said SANA.

An official source in the province told a SANA reporter that the store was containing ammunition and explosive devices, pointing out that dozens of terrorists were killed and injured in the explosion, while the neighboring buildings got damaged.

Terrorists Killed, Injured in al-Qseir, Homs

In as similar context, the SANA source said that the authorities repelled armed terrorist groups attempting to attack law enforcement points in al-Qseir in Homs countryside last night.

Several terrorists were killed and injured during the clash, while other six members were arrested by the authorities who found explosive devices prepared for planting in the city streets.

Authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group driving a SUV car equipped with DShK machine guns in al-Qseir, killing and injuring dozens of them and destroying the car.

The bodies of the terrorists Mousab al-Zohouri, Saad-Eddin Hamoud and Shehada Akash were identified among the dead.

Authorities Arrest Terrorists in al-Sawaeq Neighborhood in Hama, Dismantle Tens of Explosive Devices

In Hama, the authorities arrested a group of terrorists in the neighborhood of al-Sawaeq and seized their weapons.

The authorities also dismantled tens of explosive devices in the neighborhood which were planted by armed terrorist groups to target citizens and law enforcement personnel.

Authorities Clash with Terrorists in Daraa, Arrest Several

In Daraa, authorities clashed with armed terrorist groups in al-Yadouda village and its farms in the countryside.

SANA reporter was informed that many terrorists were killed and injured while others were arrested.

Bodies of Eyad Mefleh and Ayish al-Zroubani were identified among the dead.


Syrian army troops uncovered Saturday a mass grave in the Damascus suburb of Yalda, combining unidentified number of bodies that belong to civilians and army personnel.

The mass grave was dug up Saturday when the army entered the area, which was controlled by the rebels over the past days.

An officer told Xinhua that the area is clean of rebels, adding that the displaced residents can start to get back home.

The streets in the area were ravaged as marks of tanks could be seen on ground. The death stink was everywhere as the dug-up bodies were charred black and defaced.


Five Syrian intelligence officials have been appointed on Tuesday to fill positions in major security headquarters.

According to the source, who asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, said that Maj-Gen Mohammad Deib Zaitoon has been appointed as the chief of the Syrian Intelligence.

The source added that Maj-Gen Ali Yunus is appointed as the chief of the military intelligence.

Maj-Gen Ali Mamlouk is appointed as the head of the National Security, replacing Hisham Ikhtiar, who was killed in last week’s bombing that ripped through the National Security headquarters.

Maj-Gen Abdulfattah Qudsieh is appointed as deputy National Security chief.

Meanwhile, Rustom Ghazaleh, former head of Syrian military intelligence in Lebanon, is appointed as the head of the Syrian Political Security.

The checkup came on the heels of last Wednesday’s bombing that ripped through a high-level meeting and killed four security officials from the inner circle of Syrian President Bashar al- Assad.


  1. If You think Syrian rebels are the ‘terrorists’, congratulations… You’re just heartless. Maybe there are some terrorists around, but they have nothing to do with Free Syrian Army and other factions opposing the dictatorship!
    Thanks to people like You nobody helps.

    It’s the al-Assad that is responsible for the bloodbath It’s his soldiers that kill those innocent civilians! He won’t step down, unless foreign, military-backed help comes.
    But so far, either people think about terrorists acting against the government of a quite ‘normal’ country, right? Or just don’t care – sitting in their own warm houses – huh, no danger. So why help? And we have Russia + China blocking any UN help, the only care about making money by selling weapons to the regime, aren’t they?!

    Please finally, Help Syria!! Have mercy!!! All those people, CHILDREN! What if You were in their situation? THINK! Please. I beg You. Have heart.


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