‘Women & Islamic Awakening’: Empowering Women to Rise Against Zionist New World Order and Colonial Powers

July 12, 2012 (TSR) – The 1st International Conference on Women and Islamic Awakening was held in Tehran on July 10-11 in which about 1500 female elite intellectuals, scholars, and political and social activists from 80 countries have participated. 

‘Women and Islamic Awakening’ was the fourth conference organized by the World Assembly of the Islamic Awakening since the movement began in January 2011. The international event was held at auditorium of Tehran’s Milad Tower. Some of the invitees from Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Azerbaijan Republic and Iraq elaborated on their perspectives about the movements of The Middle East region and Islamic awakening.

Tehran's Milad Tower

Senior Iranian and foreign officials including Ali Akbar Velayati, the secretary-general of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening and an advisor to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Commander of Iran’s Basij Force Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naqdi and Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Seyyed Ammar al-Hakim also attended the conference.

The forum focused on six pivotal issues of Islamic thinking, Islamic awakening and revolutionary act, women and Islamic awakening, challenges, threats and guidelines, IRNA reported.

It also held panels on women and Islamic awakening: achievements and demands, international relations and interactions, the issue of family and capacity building among revolutionary forces.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech in the inauguration ceremony of the two-day conference.

Addressing the conference, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the Islamic Awakening movement in the region should be directed against the global arrogance (forces of imperialism) and the Zionist regime, Tehran times said.

He described the Israeli regime as the base of the global hegemony, emphasizing that all revolutionary movements must be geared against the Zionist regime.

“This regime is the base of dominant powers and as long as the hegemonic order and the Zionist regime are in existence, nations would not see peace” and that “the hegemonic powers are abusing human rights for their interventionist goals,” he said.

Insisting that the Islamic Awakening is key to fundamental developments in the global arena, he said, “Nothing [new] will happen in the world unless people are awakened.”

Ahmadinejad addressing women in the first day of conference


“All revolts must target Israel as base of global hegemony. This regime is the base of dominant powers and as long as the hegemonic order and the Zionist regime are in existence, nations would not see peace. Nothing [new] will happen in the world unless people are awakened.”

– President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 


He said the hegemonic powers are deceiving the world with their false motto of defending human rights, freedom, rights of nations, prospects for better life, democracy and political and economic development which according to them will be available by bombardment and military intervention on sovereign nations. 

He said the current world order and the global governing system are in need of basic change and an overhaul because the international community could not cope with the paralysis in administration of the global affairs. 

“The Islamic Awakening is the most original ground for the basic changes in the world order. The whole world has to undergo transformation all at once,” President Ahmadinejad said. 

He said that any nation which decides to make a change and go away from the colonial powers to develop national independence will be targeted by all international organizations. 

On the role of women in social development, he said, “both men and women play their own due role, adding that he believes the role of women in social development is more significant and enduring.  Although women and men are the same in creation, they have different role in social developments. Women are more effective. Allah has granted outstanding abilities to women, so they burden more duties.” Ahmadinejad called those women who bring up the children with love and purity, freedom and justice seeking persons.

The president also said, “If women are determined to make a change in some community, something will definitely transpire and this is something that Iran has witnessed.”

Earlier in January, Tehran hosted the 2nd International Youth and Islamic Awakening, attracting some 1500 scholars and experts from 73 countries. 

Some 700 Muslim figures from 80 countries also attended the 1st International Conference on Islamic Awakening held in Tehran back in September 2011.

Moreover, in the two-day meeting, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said that Iran is immune to Western sanctions over its controversial nuclear program and has been able to make technological advancements despite the punitive measures.

Ayatollah Khamenei also pointed to the West’s non-stop plots against Iran all throughout the last 33 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and stressed despite all animosities and such hostile moves, enemies of Islam and Iran have failed in their conspiracies.

Similarly, Secretary-general of the Assembly Ali Akbar Velayati said on Tuesday that the West has adopted biased stand on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities.

He added that the western countries try under various excuses to attain their sinister goals but the fact is that Iran is now gaining more power in the region and is determined to attain its goal before 2025. 

FULL SPEECH of Ali Akbar Velayati, Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening

In the name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Distinguished guests,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamo Aleykom Va Rahmatollah va Barakatoh. 

At the outset I wish to welcome all participants to the present meeting. I would like to thank you that in spite of all the inconvenience you accepted our invitation and came here to take part at this event. We also thank the Almighty God who blessed us with the opportunity to be present and live in the present era and witness further promotion of the divine messages and further glory and dignity of all Muslims in different of the world. We have faith in the divine promise.

As you know, tides of the Islamic Awakening in the recent years has re-injected the self-confidence and self-awareness into minds of all Muslim nations making them believe that by resorting to the divine knowledge and sublime teachings of the beloved Islam they can grow and ascend towards the divine values and become pioneers of the return to spirituality and divine nature in an era wherein materialistic schools of thought have overshadowed ethical values and spirituality.

Recent grass-roots movement in the Muslim territories, irrespective of its materialistic and political gains and losses on the part of different political parties and individuals, have led to Plantation of seeds of self-awareness and self-confidence and return to the self within minds of all Muslims facing them lots of question and causing them to stand firm against those powers who have been keeping them in darkness and ignorance of their true spiritual power for centuries.

After 2011, the Arab world has been witness to new tide of Islamic awakening and uprisings of the Muslim nations and now the Muslim world and its center of gravity, the Middle East, due to the recent tides of the Islamic awakening is passing through a very critical stage of its political and social life which is considered as a milestone in the history of the region.

During the recent centuries Muslim People in the Middle-East and North Africa have been facing numerous challenges and difficulties caused by their dominant and inefficient despotic regimes and also the global colonialism. But awakening of the Muslim people in these two regions has created very promising future in order for Muslims to tackle all the challenges and build a reliable future.

The Middle East and North Africa, after Islamic Golden Age at the advent of Islam, have been suffering from intellectual, political and social passivity which led to their underdevelopment and further weakness. In response to this situation in the recent decades a number of intellectual and political elites tried to compensate their failures and weaknesses by resorting o different materialistic schools of thought imported from west or east or ideologies like nationalism and pan Arabism.But most of these efforts, irrespective of their limited gains caused by various reasons, involved Muslim nations in the unnecessary and needless complexities which resulted in their further backwardness and underdevelopment.

Under such a condition the Islamic Republic of Iran under leadership of Imam Khomeini(RA) and in continuation of the effort made by great revivalists like Seyyed Jamaleddin Asad Abadi, Seyyed Qotb, Abul Ala MAdudi, and great combatants like Abdulghadar Aljazaeri, Omar Mokhtar, and ezeddin Qasam, sparked the first glimmer of hope in the heart Muslims making them think of their status and question their destiny during the hardship of the cold war era and absolute domination of eastern and western ideologies. Ideas and thoughts of late Imam Khomeini (RA) breathed a new spirit into the body of the Islamic movement and caused the Islamic awakening movement to enter a new phase.

During the last decades the Islamic republic of Iran emphasized important issues in favor of revival of dignity and glory of Muslim nations and restoration of the dignity of the Islamic Ummah within international political, economic and social developments. In the last three decades new Islamic movement emerged in the region each with its own particular specification and consequences.

As we are witnessing, some of the extremist currents going beyond borders of tolerance and moderation adopted radical and aggressive approaches which just led to further division and split among Muslim and provided the ground for the West to interfere in the Muslim internal affairs under pretext of anti-terrorism campaign tarnishing the image of Muslim word and Muslim people.

The Islamic awakening and grass-root movements in the Arab world can be considered as new tide of the Islamic movement with its own particular characteristics and dimension. The fresh grass-roots movements are identified as the Islamic movement in protest against despotism and inefficiency of the dominant political regimes and their failed external and internal policies. The fresh movements are rejecting monopolistic behaviors, domineering policies, corruption, suppressive acts and disregard of the political and social rights of the people by rulers and they are considered as a protest to violation of dignity of all Muslim people.

The Islamic awakening is, in fact, a reaction to the failure of the political regimes in maintaining and protecting their national dignity and independence and their dependence upon the great power and also their indifference and passiveness in dealing with the important issues of the Islamic word like the question of Palestine. Results of the recent elections in different Muslim Countries including Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Libya displayed the desire of their Muslim peoples to their Muslim identity and religious values and proved that the great heritage of the Islamic culture and civilization enjoy huge capacities for leading human beings making Muslims needless to import ideologies from outside the Muslim world.The recent grass-roots movements indicated that Muslims deserve to live a life with honor and dignity. In the recent movements people are considering the return to Islam and Islamic foundations as the only solutions to their problems and liberation from internal and external repression.

Fresh movements in the Arab world are grass-roots movements involving all people from every walk of life; the people who for the first time found the opportunity to effectively express themselves in the political scene of their countries.

In addition to the people taken part in the movements, women have played very significant and effective role in the recent Arab World Islamic Awakening. While in the past we have witnessed in the Muslim countries people were exercising policy of extremism against women in both directions, denying their rights to participate in the social and political activities or allowing then to participate in such activities provided that they reject the Islamic norms and values and admit the imported western culture.

Today, the effective presence of women in the Islamic awakening movement proved that every muslim female can play her decisive role in the political and social areas and at the same time adhere to her domestic and religious values and beliefs. In the west in spite of all the slogans chanted in defense of women’s rights and freedoms, the instrumental and inhumane approaches towards woman are quite obvious and in many cases have posed them to psychological and mental disorder disregarding their real human –based values.

At the same time, we may refer to some traditional and ill-mannered behaviors in the Islamic communities which by adopting discriminatory and narrow- minded approaches towards women have deprived on the sublime teaching of Islamic communities which by adopting discriminatory and narrow –minded approaches towards women have based on the sublime teachings of islam and lives of prominent muslim women.

We can find out that according to the Islamic religious foundations women are facing no restriction or obstacle for their political social and economics activities and many muslim female intellectuals in different areas have presented themselves as the vanguards in in their desire relevant fields. In short the Islamic approach towards women, while ensuring and protecting their human and Islamic character and their role as the pillar of the family, is giving rise to their presence in the social and political areas.

In the recent uprising women, beside men, expressed their protest to the despotic, repressive and inefficient political regimes and they have played their own part in the achievements of the awakening movements. These movements and uprisings in fact provided very good opportunities for women to play their political and social role in the regional Islamic communities. And it is expected that under political conditions their demands and their status will be seriously attended to by the new political structures. It is noticeable that continuation and effectiveness of these movements will be possible only if demands of all people including women from all walks of life will be taken into account in a desirable manner.

The fresh Islamic awakening movement in the Arab world has so far been followed by significant achievement; the achievements that include removal of corrupted, inefficient and despotic political leaders who were acting as puppets of the big powers and establishment of new political their best for their own peoples. As the latest achievement of the fresh movement we can refer to some lections including the Egyptian presidential election which provided the ground for the Islamic currents, holding national and Islamic ideologies, to gain the political power. Although the extend and depth of developments caused by the movements differs in different countries but countries but continued presence of people and their knowledge of their rights and demands give promising future in favor of achievements of these movements.

Another important subject which is needed to be attended to includes the domestic challenges and the threats posed against the fresh Islamic awakening movement by the international powers. With respect to domestic challenges economic and political failures or difference between political players and also activities of elements of the former satellite regimes are considered as the main challenges facing the fresh Islamic awakening movement. With respect to external threats we can refer to the interference of the powers whose interests and objectives have been endangered by the developments caused by the fresh movement.

Under such conditions maintaining the unity and integration among political and social forces, emphasis on the strategic and macro objectives and causes, tolerance vis-à-vis the short term political scene and emphasis on their demands, understanding of the challenges and threats and identification the ways for their solution and especially the pro-Islamic norms and values approach are of vital significance.

We believe one of the ways for maintaining and protecting the roots of the movement and their continuity is that all Muslim intellectuals and activists from different parts of the world shall sit together and exchange their views on the relevant areas. Within the same context at the imitative of the Islamic republic of Iran large number of intellectuals, Islamic resistance leader personalities as well as sister and brothers from different Islamic parties and groupings were invited to Iran in order for them to enjoy the opportunity to exchange their views in a friendly atmosphere. Accordingly the first international conference of the Islamic awakening was held in Tehran on September 17-18 2011 which was attended by more than 700 Muslim personalities. During this meeting intellectual dimensions and the historical background of the movement as well as latest developments and the future prospects were discussed.

During the said conference the participants also decided to establish the world assembly of Islamic awakening. Shortly afterward , given the pivotal and significant role of the youth in the Islamic awakening movement and their influence in the future of the movement the word youth and Islamic awakening meeting was organized in the early of the current year which was attended by around 1200 young Muslims and from different parts of the world. These young people found the opportunity to directly talk to each other expressing their desires and exchange their experiences.

Next, we had the meeting of prominent Muslim poets which was organized in Tehran. During the said meeting participants exchanged their poems and views on the Islamic awakening. After organization of the said first three meeting given the outstanding and effective role of women in the Islamic awakening movement the central council of the world assembly of Islamic awakening decided to have another meeting under title of the women and the Islamic awakening. Therefore hundreds of Muslim women from different countries were invited and fortunately as we can now witness the meeting was quite welcome.

I hope the present meeting facilitates further exchange of views and information among female intellectuals and the relevant discussions and meeting will led to further strengthening and continuity of the movement.In conclusion, once again, I thank you all participants, especially distinguished members of the supreme advisory council of the Islamic awakening assembly. I wish you a pleasant stay in Iran and I pray to the Almighty God for your success in achieving the desired objectives.

Vasalamo aley kum va rahmatullah.

The participants shared their views and thoughts in plenary and six committee meetings. 
The six committees were as follows:
Committee One: Islamic Thought, Islamic awakening, Revolutionary dynamism.
Committee Two: Opportunities, Challenges and Processes.
Committee Three: Experiences, achievements, rights and demands.
Committee Four: International relations and exchanges
Committee Five: Family and capacity-building for progressive forces.
Committee Six: The outlook and future developments.
The participants expressed their satisfaction over the achievements of the Islamic awakening and emphasized the need to be vigilant in addressing the upcoming challenges and underlined the following points:
1. Islamic awakening is a great blessing, a righteous divine promise and an invaluable truth. Among the salient features of this movement are the dynamic participation of women and men in their struggle and jihad, their longing for Islam, campaigning against arrogance and tyranny, rejection of Zionism, and denouncing ethnic, religious and racial discrimination, seeking justice and independence, human dignity, and freedom. 
2. The present era is heralding the epoch of Islam and spirituality, the characteristic of which is devoting to the divine, and the school of revelation as well as seeking the blessing of Allah. Greater trust in God and stronger unity shall secure the triumph of the Islamic awakening.  
3. The sincere dedication and steadfastness of Muslim nations in their changing societies promise the demise of the global arrogance and the advent of the rule of the oppressed in the world through changing the prevailing balance of power.
4. The victory of the Islamic Revolution, under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, the great revivalist of Islam, was a new era in the promotion of Islamic awakening. The Eminent Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenie has been able to maintain the momentum of this movement and has established the fact that in the light of religious tenets the past grandeur and authority of Muslims and their human dignity are restored and protected.
 5. The recent social development has resulted in the promotion of the role of women in the Islamic societies. The effective participation of women in popular uprisings as well as the need to maintain the momentum of Islamic awakening necessitates the skillful use of the women’s capacities in social, economic and political arenas. Accordingly, promotion of education and management skills of women, as well as securing their participation at decision-making levels, are all imperatives for Islamic societies.
6. The role of global arrogance in suppressing popular uprisings as well as containing and diverting the ideals of Islamic awakening in order to serve their own illegitimate interests are quite recognizable. Accordingly, vigilance against conspiracies, plots and policies of the global arrogance and the international Zionism are among the imperatives of the Islamic movements. 
7. The question of Palestine, as the most important issue in the Islamic world, has turned to be an integral part the Islamic awakening and has simultaneously played an essential role in its progress, while it has been affected by the process of the Islamic awakening. The role of women in the Palestinian resistance and struggle has been a source of inspiration for awakening the Muslim women. 
8. The success of Palestinian and Lebanese resistance against the Zionist regime, the failure of the American and other occupying forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the uprising of the Muslims in the Balkans have demonstrated the power of faith and perseverance of Muslim nations and have rejuvenated the hope of triumph in the resistance against dictators and foreign interventions. 
9. Islamophobia and depicting distorted images of the religious values and the Islamic awakening by western media and its political circles, as well as the exaggeration on the power of the international Zionism and its affiliated entities are well known means for intimidating the public opinion of the Muslims. This requires thwarting the plots by maintaining vigilance and awareness.
10. Division among the revolutionaries and instigating religious, sectarian, tribal and border conflicts weaken the Islamic Ummah and provides enemies of Islam with the opportunity to implement their plots against Muslims. It is essential for all Muslims to recognize and manage their differences and narrow their gaps and avoid insulting and blaming each other as well as resorting to blasphemous acts against their sanctities. ? ?? ??????? ??????? ? ???? ????? 
11. According to the teachings of Islam piety is the only Criteria to distinguish individuals. ?? ?????? ??? ???? ?????? It is on this basis that the Muslim women, by emphasizing their human dignity and rights in consistency with Islam, on the one hand, condemn the reactionary extremist views that indeed counter Islam and deprive them of their fundamental and human rights; and on the other, confront the radical imposed western attitudes that appear to be defending the rights and freedom of women but are designed to captivate them and serve the interests of the global arrogance.
12. While condemning policies and measures against Hijab in the Western countries, Muslim women adhering to Islamic values and actively participating in political and social affairs will celebrate their genuine identity and stand against Western influence. Muslim women are consistently the target of biased and negative propagation by the Western media. They need to be watchful and make use of the most sophisticated communication means to present an exemplary model of a Muslim woman and stand against western cultural invasion.
13. The abusive approach of the west towards women has resulted in trampling the genuine identity of women and has turned them to a means to serve the global arrogance. The revitalization of the identity of Muslim women is the most significant task to be underlined in the process of Islamic awakening.
14. Family, as the most fundamental social institution for the nurturing the future generation benefited from political, social and cultural insights play a great role in establishing a sound Islamic society. Institutionalization of values including martyrdom and collaboration alongside enhancing individual and social security are all within the main functions of Islamic family. Therefore, promoting the status of family and unique educational role of women are of utmost importance. Consolidating the role of family and watchful attitudes toward the Islamic awakening goals constitutes two pillars for confidence building and the movement.
15. A Muslim woman has the right to live in a way consistent with her faith. To this end further attention to the important role of the Muslim woman in upbringing the future generation and promoting Islamic values including Hijab and the relevant teachings are of vital importance. Muslim women believe that the Islamic values do not hinder their active participation in the political and social fields, but it also provides them with the opportunity to flourish their capacities.
16. International conventions related to women affairs require serious reassessment due to the incompatibility of international policies with the religious tenets and cultural and domestic characteristics. Therefore revising the said documents and introduction of constructive suggestions by the Muslim women may lead to the improvement of the documents and their provisions. 
17. The participants stressed their commitment to the ideals of the Islamic awakening martyrs, particularly the martyred women, and promised to make every effort, based on their right path and faith, in favor of progress and scientific, cultural, political and economic growth of the Islamic world consistently. 
18. The participants expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Supreme Council of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening for deciding to include three prominent women as member of the Council.
19. The participants requested the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening to consider and adopt the following decisions and measures: 
  • Drafting the Action Plan on the Women activities and Islamic awakening and forwarding the document to the Supreme Advisory Council of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening for adoption. 
  • Establishment of the Muslim Women Coordination Council within the framework of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening. 
  • Facilitating the participation of women in the future meetings of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening -Establishment of the Strategic Research Center in the field of women and Islamic Awakening with the focus on the prominent role of women in the Islamic Societies. 
  • Underlining the importance of and the strengthening of the Muslim world radio and television union in order to introduce Islamic culture and values vis a vis the western media.
  •  Establishment of the social networks in order to facilitate the interactions and exchange of experiences among committed Muslim women
  •  The participants expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the Islamic Republic of Iran for its warm and sincere hospitality. They also extended their thanks to the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening for providing the opportunity to make acquaintance and communication among women in the Islamic World and successful holding of the “World Conference on Women and Islamic Awakening”.

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