The modern "Tower of Babel"

by Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz and Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos

July 8, 2012 (TSR) – Since the very same day that London was granted the right to host the Games there were discrepancies and outrage for some possible mistakes that may have affected the voting, because, according to specialists, Madrid should have been the winner.

The emblem and the mascots have been the subject of controversies as well.

Iran filed a complaint to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the design of the London 2012 logo, claiming that in it you can read the word Zion, as a reference to Israel, and that it was a “racist logo”.

Iran complained that this logo reads like ZION


Something similar happened with the design of the Olympic Park. Its shape resembles the obscurantist symbol of the All-seeing eye, and some say they can see a red snake-shaped figure that is always associated to dark arts.


Taking a walk in the park you can not get to the stadium without going past Anish Kapoor’s 120-meter giant sculpture tower They said that competitions can watch on TV, but to get on a modern “Tower of Babel” can not every day. Yes, this is the nickname. According to one version, with the help of this facility sculptor conceived to reach the heavens, as in the myth of Babel.

The modern “Tower of Babel”

The most suspicious of all claim that the mascots costumes have elements related to occultism: one of them has a pyramid in the upper part and two of them have a single eye.

Olympic London 2012 Mascots


Olympic authorities have repeatedly denied such accusations and stressed that “The London 2012 logo represents the figure 2012, nothing else.” The same stands for London and dynamism while Wenlock and Mandeville, the mascots, according to the story, were born out of steel drops that fell from the last support beam of the Olympic Stadium during its construction.

Among the curious facts of the Summer Games are that 2000 salamanders will be transferred to a national protected area to not upset the ecosystem and that 400 trees will be planted.

Expects forecast that over 800 000 spectators will be heading towards the Games using public transport on its busiest day.

The estimates show that at the Olympic Village athletes and their delegations will eat over 350 tons of vegetables, 260 000 loaves of bread, which is important for high-performance athletes, and over 100 tons of meat.

The organizers took into consideration the stress the sportspeople suffer during the Games and placed 3 000 tennis tables to guarantee them to relax and over 150 000 condoms will be distributed to preserve sexual health.

Among the weirdest rumours is the possibility of bringing sand from the Sahara desert to fill the Horse Guards Parade to accommodate the beach volleyball tournament.


LET US GET REAL: Rothschild’s Olympics Leave East London Worse (Source)

Income levels and unemployment in London’s east borough of Newham, that found will host the Olympics seven years ago are now worse despite government pledges that the games will change the poor minority-packed neighborhood.

London beat Paris in the race to host the Games back in 2005 by promising to improve the life chances of children in the east boroughs.

But despite billions of pounds of spending, the Newham borough is lagging further behind other London areas in terms of unemployment and income levels than in 2005.

The London School of Economics (LSE) found in a study for the charity Elizabeth Finn Care that unemployment in Newham rose by 44 percent between 2005 and 2010 while the rise was 21 percent in other areas of London.

The research, which will look into the impact of the Games on London boroughs over the next five years, also found that the gap between income levels in Newham and other boroughs has widened since 2005 and research leader Professor Anne Power says “there is no easy route forward.”

“You have a sea of poverty and a desperate attempt to bring in more money,” she added.

Newham has the highest ethnic minority population compared to every other area across Britain.

This comes as British media earlier reported that the government has also failed to stick to its promise to ensure the London 2012 Olympic Park project boosts employment for locals.

Reports said 18,400 jobs out of 46,000 jobs linked with the construction of the Olympic Park were handed out to workers from other countries rather than British nationals.

What we are certain about is that the whole planet Hill set their eyes on London from July 27.

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