VIDEO: FM Lavrov Full (English) Briefing on Russia’s Official Position on Syrian Crisis

July 5, 2012 (TSR) – The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave a media briefing on Russia’s initiative to convene an international conference on Syria as well as their official stance on handling the crisis on 9 June at 1 PM London time (16:00 Moscow time). “The situation in Syria is becoming more and more alarming; a full-scale civil war appears imminent” he said.

“We are disturbed by the external players’ reaction to Syrian events – open support for armed opposition and calls for regime change. The media often portray the actions of illegal armed groups in Syria as the heroic deeds of defenders of peaceful protesters…Responsibility for events in Syria does not lie solely with the government but also with those who finance illegal armed groups…The situation that made the terrorist attacks in Syria possible was the result of an internal conflict fuelled from outside”

“Russia will not approve a UNSC resolution on military action in Syria. It would lead to desperate consequences in the Middle East, create an arc of instability from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf. Many who demand Syri

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaks during his briefing on situation in Syria, in Moscow, Russia 09 June 2012. Lavrov said that situation looks like Syria is on the brink of civil war and Russia proposes to urgently call an international conference on Syria. EPA/MAXIM SHIPENKOV

an intervention want to make the region a battlefield for superiority in Islamic world. It is a very dangerous trend. What happens with Syria will show the way the world is going: will the world rely on the UN Charter or the right of the strong”

“Russia protects the chances for stability in the region, the Islamic world and the international law, not the regime”, Mr Lavrov pointed out.”

Regarding the issue of Russia-Syria arms trade, the FM stressed that the Russia is not shipping arms used against the government’s opponents: “We are not supplying the Syrian government with arms that even an overwrought imagination could suppose are being used against peaceful protesters…We are completing the implementation of contracts signed and pre-paid long ago on deliveries of air defense weapons that could be used only if Syria is subjected to military intervention from abroad. We are not delivering anything else,” Lavrov said.

Currently, “external players are preventing Syrians from coming to an agreement, urging one side to continue with the fight. The conference on Syria proposed by Russia must do away with the negative interference from external players and get them to help stop the bloodshed. The implementation of Kofi Annan’s plan is not a hopeless situation. Kofi Annan’s plan remains valuable but needs to be spelled out in certain parts – this is one of the aims of the proposed conference. A mechanism is needed to ensure the non-militarisation of Syria’s cities after the withdrawal of government forces.” The Russian Foreign Minister also spoke out in favour of Iran’s participation in the proposed conference.


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