Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff

June 10, 2012 (TSR) – Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff asserted on Monday that the Affectionate Brazil Plan will bring two million families with children under six years old out of extreme poverty.

The federal government seeks to help two million poor Brazilian families with actions to benefit them in their rents, health and education.

Starting on June 18, those families will receive a rent equivalent to 70 reais, around 35 dollars per family member, which is the minimum quantity for a person to leave the extreme poverty category, Rousseff pointed out on her regular radio program “Coffee with the President” on Monday, while commenting on the plan to be launched this month.

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff

Also in June will begin the free distribution of drugs against asthma, which health authorities identified as the second cause of hospitalization among children under five years of age.

The president also announced an increase in the capacity and quality of nurseries to include children under six from those two million poor families, because, she said, those children need to be stimulated to develop and become creative and capable adults.

Affectionate Brazil is part of the program Brazil Free of Poverty with which the government of President Rousseff tries is trying to bring 16 million Brazilians out of extreme poverty by late 2014.




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